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Be it at home or work, the architecture of the room can make or break the mood of everyone in that space.

But just because there is a mood that the room is meant to convey, that doesn’t mean that we can’t have a little fun with its aesthetic. A room’s design offers more than just space. It is a reflection of the unique personalities of the people who own it.

It takes a very special type of person who can translate the interests and personality of a person, and use it as a brush to paint a beautiful picture (and keep within the budget too).

We’ve noticed some companies in Malaysia that are stamping a new identity into the scene. For them, it is not just about the client’s vision, but their own as well, and we think it is interesting how they are able to marry both those visions into something worth taking a look at.

1. Port 25

Port 25 would consider themselves more of a collaborative than a traditional company. The founders of Port 25 shares the space to other tenants, all involved in the creative or design industry one way or another.

All this creative energy is housed within one repurposed warehouse factory, referred to as the PORT commune, a hub for creative minds of all creeds.

“We believe design should be relevant and contextual; it is a result from an organic process of understanding and developing a fresh and different design solution that exceeds conventional expectation,” said Too Kean Kong, one of the four owners of Port 25’s commune.

And their designs are the proof in the pudding about the value of a collective.

A Residence in Medang Serai
Refurbishing an old house (Image Credit: Port 25)
Sales Gallery in KIP (Image Credit: Port 25)

2. JTJ Design

“We believe strongly in maximising the use and value of the natural tropical environment and we are keen to show that the local environment, even in an urban setting, can be enjoyable, comfortable and inspiring. We design to achieve these objectives,” says the founders of JTJ Design, or TWO’s Company on their Facebook page.

JTJ Design are the perfect people to call if you want to bring in elements from nature into your home.

Hint, this is perfect for high-stress office environments to give staff some well-needed greenery in their lives.

A Master bathroom (Image Credit: JTJ Design)
Indoor rainforest flavours in Hartamas (Image Credit: JTJ Design)
Calming earth tones (Image Credit: JTJ Design)

3. The Makeover Guys

Also referring to themselves as The Makeover, these guys focus mostly on designing for property owners looking to rent out their units.

According to the founders, “We combine market insights, technical execution, all at an affordable price to ensure units have the best possible chance of getting best possible rents or highest value (upon selling).”

As property investors themselves, they have insight into what makes spaces sell, and give their spaces a more minimalistic, contemporary flair. It reminds us of the favoured hipster coffee shops of Malaysia.

Troika KLCC (Image Credit: The Makeover)
Residence in Ampang Park (Image Credit: The Makeover)
One South, Seri Kembangan (Image Credit: The Makeover)

4. POW Ideas

A collaborative that aims to infuse some attitude into otherwise dull items, giving it a bit a punch. A ‘pow’, if you will.

This experimental collaborative thinks that they can “challenge the way that we experience spaces,

As per their modus operandi, the team does take part in some pretty outlandish projects.

Projects range from bespoke objects to public parks. At its very core, POW IDEAS is an advocate for multi-disciplinary collaborations across mediums, scales, cultures and contexts.

Bamboo Flow (Image Credit: POW Ideas)
Preserving the energy of the original space in Merhant’s Lane (Image Credit: POW Ideas)
Flower Decals (Image Credit: POW Ideas)

5. Pocket Squares

Pocket Square interior design embraces practical designs but aims to give it a dynamic and fresh outlook.

Their design decisions are with purpose, and all the design elements serve a purpose, but without sacrificing the dynamic and interesting aesthetic to go with it. They apparently go into intensive and rigorous study of materials to use for their spaces, and their designs can be appreciated both from afar and up-close.

Wooden but not boring (Image Credit: Pocket Squares)
Simple residential lot room  (Image Credit: Pocket Squares)
Zen vibes (Image Credit: Pocket Squares)

6. Lain

Based on the Malay word for ‘different’, Hani Ali’s company mainly focuses on furniture, though also provides other services such as product design and interior planning. Her focus? Creating unique, simple, and beautiful designs.

Hani Ali says that her furniture has been described to have a Danish flair. As a Malaysian, she designs minimalistic and elegant furniture with oriental influences to reflect her culture. With a focus on timelessness rather than contemporary they do invoke a somewhat nostalgic feeling.

Hani Ali was trained professionally at the JamFactory Contemporary Craft & Design before making her own way with Lain, and her experience shows.

Hexagon Installment (Image Credit: LAIN)
Koi Coffee Table (Image Credit: LAIN)

7. paul+pris

Paul and Pris, as in Pauline and Priscilla Ng are sisters who joined the design world together. They have a passion for designs that are daring and imaginative, and the results speak for themselves.

Both educated in United Kingdom, they gained some experience in architecture, but decided to specialize in interior design and bespoke furniture, with a drive in creating spaces and objects that are both relevant and exciting.

They have designed for some big names like Digi, and are surely making their way across Malaysia with their eye-popping designs.

Image Credit: paul+pris
Digi headquarters (Image Credit: pris+paul)
Paper installation (Image Credit: paul+pris)

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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