CNY reunion dinners 2017 can be a hassle so UberEATS is making life easier with a sumptuous range of restaurants delivering right to your doorstep.

Published 2017-01-23 15:09:22

UPDATE: Albeit not during this CNY weekend, UberEATS will be delivering Hai Di Lao hot pot sets to your homes on Monday, 30 Jan!

Available only for one day, it will be free for Standard Chartered card holders as well as new users of UberEATS, but will cost $88 for everyone else. Orders can be made via the UberEATS app between 10am and 12pm, and the deliveries will be done by 5pm.

Read more here: http://www.todayonline.com/lifestyle/ubereats-deliver-hai-di-lao-jan-30

There’s nothing more important than food during Chinese New Year.

For the lucky ones with a whole family of masterchefs, reunion dinners and visitations are filled with kitchen-fulls of dishes, and table-fulls of homemade pineapple tarts and the like.

But what about those of us who aren’t as lucky? Or those of us who could potentially burn down our kitchen by simply boiling a pot of water?

Well, UberEATS wants to come to the rescue with their list of restaurants (both Chinese and non-Chinese) open during the weekend to whet your appetite and satisfy your hunger!

Chinese Restaurants Opened On CNY (28-29 Jan)

For those without a chef to tank all the visitors’ hungry stomachs, the team at UberEATS has come up with a list of some of their favourite Chinese restaurants:

Lao Jiang Superior Soup (Bukit Timah)

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Malaysian soup dishes such as the Ipoh Hor Fun Superior Soup and the signature Red Grouper Soup.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

Indocafe The White House

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: A Lunar New Year set menu, and the Fortune Set which has classic dishes like Yu Sheng and ee fu noodles.

Opening Hours: 12 PM to 10:30 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

Five Loaves Two Fish

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Their well-known MSG-free collagen fish soup, and tze char dishes.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM, 27th to 29th Jan 2017

Tong Fu Ju Sichuan Restaurant

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Sichuan-style dishes with a speciality in seafood dishes. Popular options include kung pao chicken and charcoal grilled fish.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 10:30 AM, 27th to 29th Jan 2017

5 Star Hainanese Kampung Chicken Rice

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Their famous chicken rice topped with free-range chicken, which is a healthier option of the meat.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 9 PM, 27th Jan. 12 PM to 12 AM, 28th Jan and 29th Jan 2017

Guo Se Tian Xiang

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Hunan delicacies like steamed fish head with homemade chili and griddle-cooked spicy shrimp.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 3 PM and 5 PM to 10 PM, 27th to 29th Jan 2017

Kelong Seafood

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Seafood staples like curry fish head and Fu Rong omelette from the long-standing stall in Holland Village.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM, 27th and 29th Jan 2017

Ju Hao by MOF

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Northern Chinese cuisine like their signature freshly-made noodles and Xiao Long Bao (mini soup dumplings).

Opening Hours: 3 PM to 10 PM on 28th Jan 2017 and 11 AM to 10 PM on 29th Jan 2017

Non-Chinese Options Opened On CNY (28-29 Jan)

For those who are sick of yu sheng, pineapple tarts, roasted meat and fried rice, UberEATS also has some non-Chinese options up their sleeves:

Tree Lizard

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Some of their more popular dishes include a 48-degree sous vide salmon (with truffle mash potatoes) and tasty baked escargot.

Opening Hours: 12 PM to 12 AM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

The LoKal

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: An Aussie-inspired cafe which prides itself on its homemade creations, and has gotten much attention from its Sunday roast chicken.

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 3:30 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

Two Blur Guys

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Gourmet burgers that come with thick patties ranging from prime beef, salmon, pulled pork and more.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 10:30 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

The Workbench Bistro

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: A ‘hipster cafe in the heartland’, they serve Western dishes with a Singapore twist. Some dishes include purple sweet potato waffles with gula melaka and salted egg pasta.

Opening Hours: 12 PM to 10 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

KuCina Italian

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: A Muslim-owned option, it serves reasonably-priced Italian cuisine with specials like braised veal leg and turkey bacon carbonara.

Opening Hours: 11:30 AM to 10 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

Aroi Na Thai Kitchen

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Thai food from the Holland Village food centre stall which offers favourites like green curry, mookata and pad thai.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

The Garden Slug

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: For a non-conventional family which wants a Western option, it has New Year Reunion and Prosperity Trays. Some picks include lamb loin chops and caramelised confit of smoked duck breast.

Opening Hours: 10 AM to 10 Pm, 28th and 29th Jan 2017

Delhi 6 Katong V

Image Credit: UberEATS

Specialities: Indian favourites like garlic naan, spicy tikka butter masala, mutton briyani and also vegetarian options.

Opening Hours: 11 AM to 11 PM, 28th and 29th Jan

UberEATS CNY-Friendly Features

Above are just a few eateries given to us by the UberEATS team, and they have assured us that there will be more available during the weekend, so explore away!

In the meantime, the team has also shared about some CNY-friendly features on the app that will make ordering during the break much smoother:

1. No Minimum Order

Whether you’re feeding a party of friends, or just feeding yourself during the break, UberEATS would accept your orders – regardless of amount!

2. Scheduled Orders

Image Credit: UberEATS

If you’re a kanchiong spider, and would rather die than deal with a roomful of hungry guests waiting for their meals, you can now schedule orders from the UberEATS app.

You can start placing your orders a week in advance, so in light of the possible rush, we’d advice that you start picking your dishes now.

3. Concurrent Orders

This allows you to handpick the best from each restaurant, so that you won’t need to do multiple orders just for a single meal.

The app also lets you keep track of all your orders – just tap the receipt icon to see your past and upcoming orders!

Ditch The Fast Food, Treat Yourself This CNY Weekend!

In preparation for Chinese New Year, there is already so much to do from spring cleaning the house to shopping. Cooking, especially if you are expecting a healthy number of hungry guests, will simply add to your list of worries.

Since UberEATS is offering to take that fuss off our plate(haha), why not take up their offer? You can download the app here on the Apple store and Google Play.

Start shopping for your CNY meals starting from now and have the security of mind that your guests will be well-fed.

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