Thanks To S'porean Artist, The Merlion Just Got A Mindblowing Pacific Rim-esque Revamp

There’s no shortage of talent in Singapore¬†– from up-and-comers who have wowed us with their varying forms of art and music, to local comic artists who are perfectly describing our lives through their works, there are also many gems that can be found on platforms like Instagram and longtime favourite DeviantArt.

Just a while ago, a gem appeared on our Facebook newsfeed – a gorgeous reimagining of our national mascot, the Merlion.

Here it is, in its full glory:

Image Credit: Sandara on DeviantArt

A creation of Singaporean artist Sandara, the piece has gotten DeviantArt members raving over how cool the usually unassuming Merlion looks, with one even commenting that it “looked like a scene out of Pacific Rim”.

We can’t help but agree with that comparison.

Image Credit:

With the caption “Merlion vs merlion! What is this merlion? – It’s my country’s mascot.”, the piece had garnered both Singaporean and non-Singaporean fans:

Screenshot from DeviantArt
Screenshot from DeviantArt
Screenshot from DeviantArt
Screenshot from DeviantArt
Screenshot from DeviantArt

A quick check on DeviantArt reveals a 2012 interview featuring the artist, Sandara, where she talked about her day-job (a digital painting teacher at Digipen Singapore, and freelancer for book covers and illustrations) and her sources for inspiration.

If you’re interested, you can check out more of her works at her DeviantArt page, and we hope we’ll get to come across even more of these awesome Singaporean talent soon!

Featured Image Credit: Sandara on DeviantArt


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