ComfortDelGro Taxi is wooing us all this Valentine's Day - and what better way to do it than via a very punny promo code?

Published 2017-02-14 16:21:40

It’s Valentine’s Day, and while the festivities can be polarising, our national love for promo codes is one that is anything but.

ComfortDelGro is one of the few (three, really) that has been generously treating Singaporeans with promo codes, and today, they decided to do something a little special.

Screenshot from ComfortDelGro app

If you’re from the era when emotions were solely expressed by clever number puns and punctuation marks, the promo code would have struck you immediately.

“1314” is a pun on the Chinese phrase “一生一世”, which basically translates to “forever”.

Perhaps on a deeper level, it’s Comfort DelGro’s way of wooing passengers and promising that they’ll always be there for us – but for now, let’s enjoy the goodies – regardless of relationship status.

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