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In Singapore, mobile data is a commodity that is getting more expensive by the day regardless of our technological advances.

With LTE becoming our lifeblood more than ever, data is a resource that we are constantly using every single day and at 4G speeds, is something that we find ourselves using so much in so little time.

Most of us will then find ourselves paying excessive data charges every time we exceed the data caps in our mobile plans.

Circles.Life has something to say to that.

Circles.Life Introduces 20GB Add-On For $20

Image Credit: Circles.Life

Earlier today, digital telco Circles.Life decided that smartphone users deserved more for their hard-earned cash.

On top of the base plan that anyone can sign up for which costs $28 per month and includes up to 6GB of mobile data, Circles.Life is introducing the addition of a 20GB add-on for an extra $20.

Image Credit: Circles.Life

Getting this new add-on is simple. What current Circles.Life subscribers need to do is simply boot up the CirclesCare mobile app and find it there.

As with any of their add-ons, one can opt in or out of the service anytime. Alternatively, you can visit their website to do the same. You will need to log into your account and subscribe from there.

However, do note that to unsubscribe from the 20GB add-on, you will have to do it via the CirclesCare app.

All in all, Circles.Life says that new and current users can potentially have 26GB of data for $48 a month.

Their Plans To Take Over The World

Donald Chan / Image Credit: Circles.Life

That’s not all that Circles.Life revealed either.

Due to their success in the past 6 months, the Singapore company has since received love calls overseas to bring the concept of a digital telco into other traditional markets.

By 2020, they hope to break into several Asian markets with Hong Kong and Indonesia specifically mentioned as their next destinations.

Post-2020, Circles.Life is targeting beyond Asian borders should the opportunity present itself.

The man who will be spearheading the move overseas is Donald Chan, the newly-appointed Director of International at Circles.Life.

A former Chief Operating Officer at Clifford Capital and Director at Temasek Holdings, Donald will be given the responsibility of building overseas partnerships as well as negotiating the expansion of the company in the Asia Pacific and beyond.

Abhishek Gupta, Donald Chan, Rameez Ansar / Image Credit: Circles.Life

With all the talk about an impending foreign expansion, the question that some have on their minds is whether all of these will bring about a more affordable means of utilising all the data that one accumulated through roaming, especially for those who travel often.

We were assured that the team is definitely working on something on the roaming side of things, but at the moment, co-founder Rameez Ansar is confident that even with their current roaming offerings, one will not exceed $10 when using data overseas.

For now though, that additional 20GB for just $20 is unmatched even if you were to look at all the traditional telcos where $20 will only get you 4GB of data if you are lucky.

Shots have been fired by Circles.Life, and it’s now up to Singtel, StarHub and M1 to react… if they can.

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