The Nearest Burger Stall Is Just A Click Away With This New M’sian Website

Discovering new burger road stalls is always an experience and now there’s a platform to find ones near you easily.

Unilever Food Solutions (UFS) Malaysia recently launched a new website called BurgerKatMane. The platform aims to connect the thousands of burger stall operators in the country with potential customers around the area. Users can use the search function to find nearby burger stalls based on their current location.

“Apart from its business-to-business features, this application is also unique in enabling the general public to be part and parcel of its user friendly features. Signing up is easily done online for either operator or customer,” said UFS Malaysia marketing manager Angeline Ho in a statement.

According to UFS Malaysia, the burger operator community is estimated to number more than 10,000 stalls nationwide.

So once you boot up the website, you’re greeted with a huge map that will display your general area and pins of the burger stalls located in your vicinity. You’ll know if you have multiple options to choose from or you get none at all (which if it you see this, I’m so sorry for you).

Image Credit: burgerkatmane.com

You can opt to create an account where you’re allowed to sign up as a diner or a burger operator.

Image Credit: burgerkatmane.com

How Do I Buy?


  • Diners are shown a map to see all the burger stalls nearby.
  • Diners can see the tastiest burgers offered by the stalls.
  • Diners can tap the pins to see pictures of their stall and their best burger.
  • Diners can collect the deals on offer by pressing on the pins.
  • In case diners want to order ahead of time, they can send text messages to the stalls so it can be prepared earlier.
  • If diners really enjoyed the burger, diners can rate the stalls so other people can view the stalls and see the ratings.
  • Diners can opt to share their experience with the stalls on social media.

How Do I Sell?

  • Operators can sign up for an account and put the name of their stalls and add a profile picture.
  • The details can be edited after the sign up is complete.
  • Operators can then upload photos of their stalls, include a short description of the stall as well as their best burger.
  • Operators can choose to press a button to show whether the stall is closed or open.
  • The pin on the map can be moved by the operator to show an accurate location of where their stall is as well as entering an address.
  • Operators can offer deals to attract customers by tapping ‘Give Deals’ and picking the right offer or customising one.
  • Customers then can see the deals on their map and select it if they’re interested.
  • Once selected, their name will appear on the operator’s list. Customers have 15 minutes to come and claim the deal.
  • Operators can encourage diners to give a star and see how many stars they have on the ‘leaderboard’.
  • Once they receive a certain number of stars, operators will be rewarded by Lady’s Choice.

As a fan of Ramly burgers, this is definitely something to bookmark for when I’m feeling like a burger food trail or just feeling adventurous to try a new burger stall.

Disclaimer, we’re not responsible for any food coma induced by delicious Ramly burgers. Eat at your own risk.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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