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Fans of electronic music would have marked down Ultra Singapore 2017 in their calendars by now.

Singapore’s largest dance music festival is back again for a second year, and this year’s lineup is equally explosive with the biggest headline DJs from around the world.

But as much as the music was the highlight last year, the visitor experience was still quite lacking.

Not everyone saved the festival schedule and map into their phones, so this was a problem when keeping up with the different sets at the different stages.

Thankfully this year, there’s a perfect solution for that.

The Ultra Singapore App Is All You Need

For the 2017 series of the Ultra Music Festival, Ultra has introduced an all-new app to help you get up to speed with the latest developments in the lead-up and on the actual day of the event.

Screenshot of the app

To get to it, simply search for “Ultra Singapore” in the iOS App Store and Android Play Store, and download it.

Screenshot of the app

First thing’s first, you will need to sign in with your Ultra account.

Pass that, select an event, which in this case is Ultra Singapore 2017.

You will then be prompted to create your own personal profile.

Screenshot of the app

And you’re in!

The homepage called ‘Activity’ is where you will be welcomed with the latest news from Ultra. It will be populated with content from the community such as photos or thread discussions.

You can also start a discussion of your own, or simply let everyone know where the real party’s at.

Screenshot of the app

Next comes notifications. Mine’s empty now, but on the day itself, you will be notified of events and upcoming sets that will be happening near you.

Also, if you have bookmarked your favourite DJs, you will be alerted when they take the stage.

Screenshot of the app

The ‘Event Details’ tab is where you can find out how to make your way to Ultra Singapore – useful if this is your first time going.

It is worth to read the various precautionary notes, especially those with regard to accepted forms of identification, as well as prohibited items on event grounds.

Screenshot of the app

Up after that is probably one of the top features on the app – a map of the festival grounds.

You know when your favourite artists are performing, but don’t know where their stages are? The map can tell you all of that, along with any points of interests that you may want to drop by.

It’ll be useful for partygoers to know where the different amenities available at the event are, such as toilets and F&B booths.

Find Your Friends In The App

Screenshot of the app

The last tab is where the magic happens.

At ‘More’ is where you will literally be able to do more. Here, you can explore the event in depth.

Screenshot of the app

Under ‘Artists’, you will be able to check out all the acts that will be present on the stages of Ultra Singapore.

Going into their profiles will give you a short biography, and also their set times that you can bookmark in the app so that you will get a notification if they come on.

Screenshot of the app

‘Attendees’ is where you can see everyone who is attending Ultra Singapore. Search for your friends and add them to your account.

Screenshot of the app

You can also catch up on all the action during the Ultra Singapore weekend through the Photo Feed.

Here, attendees will be able to share photos taken at the event with the community.

Screenshot of the app

Lastly, we have ‘Festival Partners’ and ‘Media Partners’.

‘Media Partners’, as its name suggests, are the official media present at Ultra Singapore there covering the event, and includes all your usual lifestyle and music publications.

‘Festival Partners’ is where you can find all the brands who are participating in Ultra Singapore. Brands like Sony and DBS will also have special deals and discounts at Ultra Singapore, so spend some time reading through them.

Download the app for iOS and Android before the weekend!

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