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The start of a new month means a fresh pool of listings for job openings.

Most of the students are done searching for their internships, so this round we found a variety of industries that offer different vacancies, promising growth and experience to their employees as well as a chance to involve yourself in something new.

Below is our roundup for the month.

1) OOjiBO

The OOjiBO team (Image Credit: OOjiBO)

If you’re looking to enter the FinTech scene, here’s a golden opportunity to check out.

OOjiBO is a Singaporean FinTech startup founded 3 years ago that have expanded to Malaysia after receiving SGD5 million for their pre-series A funding.

In a nutshell, they’re a mobile-based banking system that reach out to people who lack access to banking services.

A shot of a courtyard at their office (Image Credit: OOjiBO)

The team is headed by CEO, Mr. Yeng Fook Hoo, who has more than 17 years of experience in various banking services.

A pioneer in the finance industry, he helped to create credit card transaction-processing and payment-related solutions that are currently being used in several major banks throughout the region. It’s a good opportunity to work with one of the visionaries of retail banking in Malaysia.

Image Credit: OOjiBO

Currently, the team is looking for creative individuals with forward thinking and a dare-to-fail attitude to join them at Sekeping Jugra, a semi-private living and workspace that even comes
equipped with its own pool.

“Aiming to serve millions of users, writing tight codes and creating a scalable design is in our DNA. We are on a journey of creating a dream team of creative designers that understand users needs and a team of strong and mad software geeks who do not fear the unknown and value the opportunity to be at the cutting edge of technology,” said OOjiBO to Vulcan Post.

The openings they have include:

• Senior Software Engineer
• Software Engineer
• System Administrator
• UI/Graphic Designer

For more information, you can go to OOjiBO’s Facebook page or apply directly through their website here.

2) Agoda

Image Credit: Agoda

Travel enthusiasts would be familiar with the name Agoda.

Agoda.com is an online hotel platforms that offers over 1,000,000 hotels in 38 different languages and allows people to navigate easily through deals with their travel metasearch engine.

The company reflects the brand, practicing an innovative and casual working environment that creates a collaborative learning culture among the staff. Being a globally recognised brand, they welcome people of multiple nationalities working in their offices worldwide with global relocation opportunities open to the staff.

The Agoda office (Image Credit: Agoda)

Besides their casual dress code, the team told us about their other perks.

“We have an entertainment area known as the Agoda play room and monthly, we organise sport events and team dinners to strengthen our teamwork,” said Agoda to Vulcan Post.

Remunerations include an attractive salary package that is above market rate, a 14% employee discount for hotel booking, inpatient & outpatient medical insurance, 50% monthly parking fee & 4 weeks training for customer service agent.

Image Credit: Agoda

Agoda is looking for people who can deliver excellent customer service and manage the needs of their customers through their many communication channels while ensuring the best traveling experiences.

The jobs that are currently available:

Customer Support Specialist (English Team)
Global CSAT/ESC Manager
Service Delivery Manager (Mandarin & Cantonese Team)
Customer Support specialist for Singapore branch (English Team)

3) EDV Standard

Image Credit: WOBB

Endeavor Standard, or more known as “EDV Standard”, is a new company focusing on private equity that has helped a few notable startups such as Gigfairy get funding.

They have also recently launched a new social networking platform on their site as another means for startups and investors to interact.

Since the team is fairly new, they’re looking for enthusiastic and young people who are interested in the investing scene to join their growing company.

The jobs that are currently available include:

Public Relations Executive
Digital Marketing
SEO Specialist
iOS App Developer
Senior Public Relation Executive

4) Happy Bunch

The Happy Bunch founders.

Happy Bunch lives up to its name, being an online flower delivery service for people to gift joy to loved ones. The young startup packages their flowers along with gifts for people to purchase easily on special occasions.

They come up with a different bunch every day, just to keep things fresh and new.

The jobs that are currently available include:

Back-end developer
Digital Marketing Specialist
Flower Fairy

5) myBurgerLab

Image Credit: myBurgerLab

A common name among burger enthusiasts, myBurgerLab is a local chain of restaurants with their homemade burgers garnering attention for their unique taste.

Established back in 2012, the team mainly consists of young people with a passion for eating and can bond over the process of serving good food.

The team is looking for people to help out with the creation process and making sure their customers are satisfied with the service.

The jobs that are currently available:

Part time and Full time Geeks
Human Resource Executive 

6) IQI Group

Image Credit: WOBB

IQI Group is a global company dealing with real estate. The company offers to help people with their property dreams, whether it be owning their own home or building up and investment portfolio.

The team prides itself with their family culture that focuses on teamwork and team building rather than just on individual growth.

The team is looking for people who know how to work hard while also knowing how to balance an energised lifestyle.

The jobs that are currently available include:

Graphic Designer
Business and Sales Executive
Microsoft Access Database Programmer/VBA Developer
IT Specialist (IT Warrior)
SEO Executive (SEO Champion)

7) Shell Business Operations

Image Credit: WOBB

Different from its parent company, Shell Business Operations (SBO) focuses mainly as the operational backbone of the business processes involving Shell. The team consists of a vibrant and motivated group working together towards ensuring Shell’s global business functions operates at its best.

What the company looks for are candidates who are comfortable working in a challenging and professional environment and are open to experience a variety of business areas to develop a fulfilling career.

They’re open to applications from students, fresh graduates or even experienced professionals to come aboard.

Image Credit: WOBB

Some of the jobs that are currently available include:

Legal Information System Support Analyst (LISS)
RtP Process Support Analyst
Upstream Finance Analyst
Reporting & Analysis Finance Analyst

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.

8) Maxis

Image Credit: WOBB

Known as one of the major communications service providers in Malaysia, Maxis allows individuals and businesses to connect and communicate through their network.

Aside from their widespread coverage, the company practices a vibrant and passionate culture within their team which is reflected from the vivid colours splattered around their office.

Maxis is looking for individuals who’d like to explore a new career path and can be ready to take on challenges and opportunities in order to grow personally as well as within a team.

Image Credit: Maxis

Some of the jobs that are currently available:

Area Manager (Central Region)
Customer Insights Specialist
Legal Specialist
Business Analyst Specialist
Technical Lead (Mobile & Web)

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.

9) Procter & Gamble 

Image Credit: Procer & Gamble

Procter & Gamble (P&G) is responsible for producing many products that are probably in most of our households. Examples include Downy, Dynamo, Oral-B, Pantene and Olay.

Their workplace practices an independent yet co-dependent environment where the company trusts employees to make the right decisions while working together to achieve the same mission.

P&G looks for employees that fit their mould and are up for a challenge in terms of expanding their career globally while enjoying multiple training opportunities under the company’s wing.

Image Credit: Procter & Gamble

The jobs that are currently available:

Product Supply Assistant
Human Resources – Associate HR Manager
Internship Program
Product Supply Associate Manager
Sales – Key Account Manager

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.


Image Credit: WOBB

E-commerce can be tricky but AVANA simplifies the process of selling and buying online through their Facebook and mobile commerce app. Their platform lets users handle stock management, tracking and reporting of their online store.

Being quite a young team who are passionate on all things social commerce, they’re seeking for fellow people who are looking to pursue the same desire in helping merchants use the power of social media for their online businesses.

The jobs available are:

Senior Backend Developer PHP
Technical Sales – E-Commerce

(By the way, the Malaysian team at Vulcan Post is also looking for a Content Writer/Editor! If you have a heart for startups, inspirational people, and digital lifestyle, find out more information about this job vacancy here!)

Interested to get your company listed in our monthly job highlights? Send us an e-mail at team@vulcanpost.com!

Feature Image Credit: Agoda

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