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They say that we’re the harshest critics of ourselves.

This is especially true for Singaporeans, when we tend to judge other locals more harshly than we would those from other countries.

Of course, this uncalled-for bias is slowly but steadily fading – especially with #SupportLocal movements and the increasing spotlight given to talented Singaporeans from various fields.

Even at Vulcan Post, the articles that feature a Singaporean making a difference tend to draw the most positive reactions and shares.

Singapore startups have also been making waves – not just locally, but also overseas; many expanding their operations and teams regionally.

This has, in turn, helped to raise the street cred of startups exponentially, and working at a startup is no longer seen as needing to sacrifice on cushy benefits that an MNC can provide.

There’s also the promise that startup jobs have more ‘heart’ than the regular job, given that employees get to be more hands-on with various aspects, and also get to grow alongside the startup, celebrating its successes as their own as well.

Since graduation season is here again, and job searches are at an all-time high, we’re here with a list of job vacancies from some of the coolest startups around!


Sue-ann, a prominent SGAG staff

If you’re a child of the Internet and social media, you’d have definitely seen one of their memes floating on your feed.

Reminiscent of American counterpart 9GAG but very much more localised, SGAG’s Facebook page is a hilarious compilation of memes and videos – all relatable to the regular Singaporean.

Turning 5 this year, SGAG was created after its 2 founders, bored in class, created one the first Singaporean memes about the discontinuation of McDonald’s curry sauce.

Now, they reach over 2 million Singaporeans weekly with 8 content platforms.

On their Wantedly page, they mentioned that they get their creative energy from laughing a lot – “the crappier the jokes, the better they are”. And as for benefits from working at SGAG – well, if you count having the famous Xiao Ming as your colleague, this place is perfect for you. Find out more about them !

What they’re hiring for: Lead Software Engineer


The Paktor team

With the dating apps and websites making the possibility of finding a life partner solely by being connected to the Internet, Paktor was launched in 2013 by founder Joseph Phua after he found himself single after a failed relationship.

A popular Singaporean term meaning ‘going on a date’ in Hokkien, the app has since expanded regionally, and currently has a massive user base of over 5 million singles. They also have an offline dating agency, GaiGai (Cantonese for ‘going out’), to help singles interact with other members out of their social circles.

They’ve also raised a total of US$52 million in funding – a vote of confidence in their model.

Laser-focused on expansion, they’re looking for “ambitious self-starters” to drive into new markets. Find out more about them here!

What they’re hiring for: Relationship Manager


The MoneySmart team

Founded in 2009 with an aim to help Singaporeans make better financial decisions, MoneySmart has now grown from a local publication to become Southeast Asia’s leading personal finance portal.

The team believes in putting the power (and money) back in your hands and pockets, and their platform helps you compare loans, insurance plans and credit cards – all personalised to fit your unique consumer profile! Their blog is also a treasure trove of articles on all things money.

Just a few months ago, they raised S$14 million in Series B funding, in a round led by Kakaku.com Inc, a Japan-based online service provider.

If you’re that friend in the group with the best financial tips and lobangs, but always wanted a bigger platform to share your insights and learn even more on making a bang of your bucks, working at MoneySmart is right down your alley. Find out more about them here!

What they’re hiring for: Account Executive

Share Food

The Share Food team

Previously covered by us, Share Food can be described as a ‘Carousell for foodies’.

Founded by 3 Singaporeans with a passion for home cooked food, they launched an app that lets the home cooks of Singapore share their creations with everyone, and all they need to do is sign up for a free account to start sharing.

And it’s not just the app that they’re running – they also produce cooking videos to share on social media, and are looking to become the next Tasty/Tastemade of Asia – popular Facebook accounts that post recipe videos.

To make this vision a possibility, they are thus recruiting for several roles and looking for like-minded individuals to join their team! Find out more about them here!

What they’re hiring for: Video Editor & Camera Operator 

Tickled Media

The Tickled Media team

With a vision to help parents raise happy, confident and happy children, Tickled Media has over 10 million parents relying on their various brands (theAsianparent, Indusparent, Kidlander and Pregnant.sg).

Founded in 2009 by Roshni Mahtani, she’s a mum-trepreneur herself, juggling the startup’s operations alongside her family life.

Backed by investors, Tickled Media has raised over US$3.1 million since inception, and has used the funds to create more quality content for clients and readers.

With a belief that “when smart people collaborate instead of compete, amazing things happen”, they’re looking to hire those with passion, brains and an even bigger heart. Find out more about them here!

What they’re hiring for: Content Intern 


The Saleswhale team

Having closed a US$1.2 million round of funding in April, Saleswhale was founded in December 2015 to help its clients get more qualified leads by automatically reaching out and following up with stale and cold leads.

Using human-assisted AI, they create 2-way conversations and eventually hand off hot leads to sales teams. According to them, their AI assistants have already helped close US$130,000 in sales since Feb 2017.

A small team which “values moving fast, transparency and getting shit done”, they promise employees “real impact on the direction” of the product. Find out more about them here!

What they’re hiring for: Sales Development Representative


Image Credit: Intelllex

Lawyers is as busy as they come, and startup INTELLLEX wants to be the go-to platform that makes their work more productive and pleasant.

An SaaS workspace that aims to provide users convenient access to knowledge, insights from previous work, and shortening the often tedious and time-consuming legal research process, they want to “redefine how law practice can intersect with AI technology”.

They have 2 products – STACKS, for lawyers to build personal knowledge libraries, and SOURCE, an AI-powered search engine that understands legal concepts.

And it’s not just for lawyers to work in silos, INTLX Enterprise also helps in making collaborations between teams easier by allowing information to be shared and accessed collectively. Find out more about them here!

What they’re hiring for: UI/UX Designer

Make Your Dream Job A Reality

If you’ve already noticed, the job links and profiles are all featured on Wantedly.

For the unacquainted, Wantedly is a Tokyo-based startup that wants to connect people to jobs based on values, rather than paycheck and benefits – ideal for the meaning-seeking millennial who values interest and passion in his/her career.

They currently have 1 million monthly active users with huge brands like Buzzfeed, Airbnb and Uber recruiting through them.

Here’s a sweet reward for all Vulcan Post fans! From now till 31 August, Wantedly Singapore is giving away a hotel 2D1N staycation at The Warehouse Hotel (Warehouse Loft with Breakfast for 2) to one lucky fan who signs up for their free Wantedly account in the month of August HERE!

Giveaway ends 31/8, so visit sg.wantedly.com today!

This article was written in collaboration with Wantedly.

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