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You can now make an e-payment as easily as sending an emoji to a friend while chatting on WhatsApp, or while negotiating with a potential seller on Carousell app using the OCBC Keyboard.

OCBC Bank has just launched this mobile keyboard that allows customers to perform peer-to-peer payments without having to exit their current mobile applications.

Make funds transfer without leaving your current app

In other words, it can be used within any mobile app or browser to send money instantly to anyone with a bank account in Singapore.

This payment rides on the OCBC Pay Anyone e-payment service and all you need is the recipient’s mobile number.

How It Works 

The OCBC Keyboard is available to all OCBC Bank customers using Android smartphones with the latest OCBC Mobile Banking app installed.

After installation, they need to perform a simple one-time set-up to enable it and make it the default keyboard on their phone.

Funds transfer using OCBC Keyboard

To send money, simply tap on the OCBC Pay Anyone icon on the keyboard without exiting or switching from their current app activity.

Once they select a recipient from their contact list – which is automatically synced with the keyboard – they will be guided to complete the transfer using OCBC Pay Anyone within the keyboard.

Once the payment is complete, you can then return seamlessly to what you were previously doing on your mobile device.

PayNow-registered recipients will receive the payment directly into their bank accounts.

If the recipient is not PayNow-registered, they will receive an SMS link. Share the passcode with them to collect the money.

Driving The Cashless Initiative

There’s been plenty of concerns raised on the security of this platform, but OCBC claims that payments are “completely secure as they are authenticated with the sender’s mobile banking credentials.”

“With OCBC Keyboard, we are embedding payments in our customers’ lives and making it completely frictionless for them to pay while they go about everyday tasks like chatting on Whatsapp, sending emails, buying items on Carousell or browsing the Internet,” said Aditya Gupta, OCBC Bank’s Head of E-Business Singapore.

“I’m confident that this added convenience will exponentially increase the adoption and usage of e-payments, including PayNow transfers. We will continue to push the boundaries on e-payments and move the needle in driving Singapore towards becoming cashless.”

You can download the app for free on Google Play Store here.

Featured Image Credit: OCBC Bank 


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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