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It’s that time of the month again, guys. Because no matter when in the year you are, there will always be someone who is looking for a job right now.

We’ve curated a diverse range of jobs to cater to the myriads types of jobhunters around, in a theme that’s seemingly developed around working in cool-looking offices.

There are quite a few young, dynamic teams out there looking for a hire. Could you be the one to fill that gap?

1. Inmagine Group

Image Credit: Inmagine Group

Well, you can tell that there’s at least one Marvel fan in this company.

If you’re a creative mind but with an entrepreneurial interest, then Inmagine Group is a company you can consider. 16 years into the business, they provide everything from stock images, vectors, audio, footage, design elements, templates and editing tools. So it’s work to make any creative work easier.

In fact, some of you might be familiar with the online editing tool Pixlr, which was bought over by 123RF, the parent company.

A global company with 44 offices worldwide, they deal in a fast-paced industry that offers travel opportunities and a chance to mingle internationally.

Plus, they have free meals, too.

Jobs Available:

2. EasyUni

Image Credit: EasyUni

For fresh grads who can’t quite let go of the university lifestyle, you can choose to stay close to it if you find a job with EasyUni.

It functions as a platform for students to scout out universities and colleges all over the world before committing to their years-long education. They have 2,000 universities in their fold, spanning 20 different countries.

And because they’re an international resource, certain positions will require you to travel overseas, all paid for with a travel allowance thrown in to boot. Other perks include free medical, company devices, and a multicultural environment.

The jobs currently available include:

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.

3. Tealive

Image Credit: Tealive

The bubble tea phase has seen a revival here in Malaysia, so here’s your chance to get in on it before that bubble bursts.

As some of you may know, Tealive was previously Chatime, and is spearheaded by entrepreneur Bryan Loo. Food and beverages, especially on a bigger scale like this, is a fast business, and the team is looking for someone who can keep up with the industry.

Tealive practices a collaborative office culture, valuing openness and an “entrepreneurial energy”.

The jobs currently available include:

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.

4. Uber

Image Credit: The Hive.Asia

Imagine taking an Uber to an interview with Uber.

The ride-sharing platform that disrupted quite a storm here in Malaysia is now opening its doors to more hires in the Malaysian team, in a fast-paced and highly competitive tech culture that many yearn for.

One of the hires in Malaysia includes one that clearly hints at the appearance of UberEATS in Malaysia, which will be competing with giant foodpanda for a spot in Malaysian hearts.

The jobs currently available include:

5. Flycycle

Image Credit: Elle Malaysia

Flycycling took the fitness industry by storm, offering their take on cycling that’s evolved into a lifestyle community among enthusiasts.

Believing in a work hard, play hard mentality, a job at Flycycle includes team outings for meals, drinks and parties. It’s definitely a millennial-centric organisation with a young work force. And you’ll be in a fast-paced work environment with flexible work hours.

Plus, you get to ride in any Flycycle studio for free.

The jobs currently available include:

6. Lunch Actually 

Image Credit: Lunch Actually on LinkedIn

In Malaysia since 2005, this Singaporean company is a “lunch dating specialist” catering to the modern lifestyle where young professionals might be too busy to find their own dates. They want to provide dates that are safe, convenient, and most importantly non-intimidating in a casual setting.

Like many others in the list, Lunch Actually offers flexible hours and a pretty substantial leave system, including childcare, birthday, and even marriage leaves. They’re looking to hire creative individuals comfortable in an entrepreneurial company.

The jobs currently available include:

7. Fitgear

Image Credit: Fitgear

With a mission to make fitness as affordable as possible while still serving up quality, this relatively new label has  sold 22,800 pieces worldwide within 3 months.

They’re currently looking into diversifying their offers, which includes a bag that’s currently on Kickstarter now.

Joining Fitgear means learning a slice of knowledge in the large, lucrative e-commerce pie. With that, the team offers perks such as using 10% of the office time for self improvement, and flexible working hours. In fact, a global expansion on the horizon might mean that you’ll be travelling as well as working sometime in the future.

The jobs currently available include:

8. 8Mad Group

Image Credit: 8Mad

Theirs is a creative business that helps other businesses grow. They can help with the business aspects that some may find difficult such as digital marketing, talent development and strategy branding, among others. Some of their more prolific clients include HealthLand Wellness.

Their vision is to create a community of businesses and youth who share in their beliefs. And to build to that, 8Mad Group offers perks such as daily breakfast, insurance, and an open work environment.

The jobs currently available include:

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.

9.  ZEN Rooms

Image Credit: Zen Rooms

With backing from a German conglomerate Rocket Internet, this Indonesian startup founded in 2015 has the honour of being the fastest growing budget accomodation franchise in South East Asia.

They consider themselvse a disruptor to the budget accomodation scene in hospitality.

The company has disruption in their minds all the time, and are now available in 7 countries, including Malaysia. It’s challenging work, but the company also describes it as “exhilarating”. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

The jobs currently available include:

10. Forefront International

Image Credit: Forefront International

This award-winning company touts a lively work culture where work and fun come hand-in-hand.

They’re a creative digital and advertising agency that dabble in everything from motion & video production, 3D, interior design, app development, and more. Not to mention, some of the brands with them include EcoWorld, Gamuda, CapitaLand, etc.

The health-conscious seem well-covered in Forefront, since staff are able to claim for fitness and wellness, as well as group insurance and blood tests. There are also annual trips and monthly leisure activities for team bonding.

The jobs currently available include:

For a full list of vacancies, you can click here.

Feature Image Credit: ModeDesign.xyz

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