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Growing up in the Manila, I remember going to school at 6:00 am with only a few cars on the road.

It was relaxing and stress-free wherein getting to one’s destination was easy.

Nowadays, a 6:00 am trip would make you late for work due to the heavy traffic built up on the roads.

Based on an article by business mirror, an average Filipino commuter spends about 28,000 hours of his/her lifetime in traffic.

The amount of time spent on the road ends up consuming time that could be used for other more important things.

Amidst this problem, Filipinos tried to have alternative ways to ease the traffic jam in the metro by introducing number coding, having applications like Grab, Uber and Wunder, and increasing the tax price in purchasing automobiles.

Still, this has not worked as efficiently as hoped.

Therefore, this company decided to, instead of fighting the traffic, use it to their advantage instead.

‘Innovate’ The System Rather Than Fight It

A study by Belgian consultancy Transport & Mobility Leuven showed that motorcycle usage helped ease congestions in over populated cities.

This being said, Angkas can help in lessening the traffic problem in the country.

Not only this, the amount of time it will take to get to your destination will be faster because motorcycles, being compact in size, don’t have to fight with the space of automobiles.

Image Credit: Angkas

Angkas is the Filipino word for riding with someone in the same vehicle.

Angkas is a motorcycle booking company similar to the services Grab and Uber provide. The user can access a driver by using the Angkas application downloadable via App Store and Google Play.

The simple design of the app allows users to easily book an Angkas driver.

This adds to the reason to it being simpler and more accessible to users in the smart phone generation. All one needs to do is download the application and access the application with a wifi or LTE connection.

‘Cheaper’ Rates Compared To Other Booking Companies

Image Credit: Angkas

Angkas charges 50 pesos for the first 2 kilometers and an additional 10 pesos per kilometer.

This is cheaper as compared to companies like Uber who charge a fee per minute spent in traffic.

Not only is Angkas a quicker way to go around the city, it also does it best to ensure the safety of customers. All their drivers have to undergo a tedious procedure to check if they qualify, before they can be accredited Angkas riders.

Fight The Substandard ‘Norm’

As a Filipino start-up company trying to ease the traffic conditions in the country, Angkas’ method may be the key to less congested roads.

Neighboring countries such as Vietnam and Indonesia have more motorcycles than cars. This shows how it is normal to ride a motorcycle as a means of public transportation.

Angkas may also serve as a way to experience the breeze and feeling of being on a motorcycle. Relax, and at the same time, contribute to lessening the traffic in the Philippines today!

Download the app for the Apple store and Google Play store.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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