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Some might know Terato Tech as the quirky developer that released an app which lets you share what underwear you are currently wearing at the moment.

Christened Undies, it allows you to connect with other “undies” via your location and helps you make new friends with a more “personal touch”, according to their website.

Their more recognised apps include CIMB Clicks and the Maybank Malaysia app, which thankfully do not require you to share your underwear.

A tech company with strong entrepreneurial spirit, they put their minds to developing products that will open up new paths and imagination, choosing to experiment with every available idea they have.

At the moment, they are tackling a work issue—staff records.

Since staff attendance often requires lots of paperwork and documentation, it can be quite a hassle to keep track of the records, especially since it consists of claims and annual leaves.

To overcome this, the people at Terato Tech have innovated a new app dubbed BePunct, to manage all staff records online.

“We were motivated by punctuality and to help business simplify and solve their attendance issues amongst management and staff alike.”

A cloud-based time attendance software, BePunct has 3 components that make up its system: the Mobile App, Attendance Terminal, and Cloud.

The personal mobile app is to be used by the employees to manage their leave and claims.

They can then access the Attendance Terminal to sign in and confirm their status at the office: late, on leave, on medical leave or working from home.

The Managers or Supervisors will be able to monitor staff attendance through BePunct Cloud web system or the Attendance Terminal that has all the data of staff status.

The Attendance Terminal is installed on a chosen device (either Apple or Android). It records the time and date of log. The mobile app itself has a feature where the staff can only check-in their current location within a 2km radius. The employer can then monitor their status via the check-in location.

The Cloud can be accessed by all staff and employers, but certain features will be limited according to role restriction. For example, the employer can view all staff information records whereas an individual employee will only be able to see their own attendance report.

The attendance process is simplified to a single sign-in either using passcode or MyKad.

It also allows seamless directory integration, as one can sync across online services such as Google Apps and Microsoft Active Directory.

Product manager of BePunct, Maisarah Borhan explains how the idea of an attendance app first came into play.

“BePunct was something that is done during our spare time and started out when the hardware we used for tracking our attendance broke down.”

“We regrouped together with admin staff, management and developers, to understand their pain points and came out with a solution.”

As they found its benefits useful, they opted to share it with other SMEs and small businesses as they can see it helping them to manage their staff attendances too.

They aim to increase the efficiency of staff and management; so that excess time will not be wasted on administration work.

One of Terato Tech’s key values is their respect for time and other people’s schedules; that’s the motivation that pushes them to come early to work everyday.

To be punctual is to be responsible and considerate as you are making full use of your own time and not wasting others’ time.

They plan to monetise through a subscription plan—the app is free for staff below 5 people, and is charged at RM10 per employee monthly.

Image Credit: BePunct

“We are planning on how BePunct can complement office administration by enhancing their current attendance system in place. Currently we have done some integrations and are also open to other options.”

“We are also looking for ways to reach for broader market by repurposing our BePunct platform to schools, kindergartens and universities.”

As BePunct is still in the testing and development stage, they plan to release the app first quarter of 2018. However, one can download a free demo that is available on their website, if they wish to beta test it.

Their goal is to become the leading attendance system for coming generations and progress in having BePunct implemented in all industries; by improving the attendance system as a one-stop solution.

This focus is how they aim to differentiate themselves from similar HR platforms like Kakitangan and Swingvy.

“By using BePunct, it is considered as an all-in-one solution (cloud, tablet terminal, staff personal app) for monitoring attendance, and that make us different with other competitors.”

When asked about further improvements, Terato Tech replied there were still some features that had yet to make an appearance.

Employers can look forward to having updates like task management, payroll, memo notes, and company subscription entering the BePunct platform soon.

Feature Image Credit: Terato Tech


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