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You heard it right, this womanpreneur was able to create her own line of makeup and accessories through hard work and patience. She didn’t let the hurdles slow her down. Even without capital and knowledge about chemistry, she was able to fulfill her dream of having her own beauty brand.

Introducing Tyffanie Short. Just like mentioned before she had nothing special to brag about; she only had an idea that would later change her life forever.

Her goal of providing for her son gave her the motivation to break the barriers and take risks in the business world. This ultimately led her to create an organic makeup brand that the locals would love—One Earth Organics.

The Story Behind the Idea

Life wasn’t sunshine and rainbows for Tyff—at age 18 she had already given birth to her son. Since then, her world shifted and everything began to change.

“I was not able to finish my fourth year in high school. And when I had my son, I already had to work, so it was full steam ahead from there,” she shares to Preview.

Having to provide the basic necessities for a child and to take care of him at the same time, she needed to work much more than everybody else.

Adding to the equation that she doesn’t have a degree, there weren’t a lot of options for her to choose from.She ended up juggling different jobs, just to make the daily cut.


Luckily, she was able to climb her way to becoming a call center agent, a VIP executive host, and landed the position of executive assistant in a call center firm. By that time, she was starting to earn quite well in her new job.

But, she still thought that she could do more to give her son a luxurious life. So, in her desire to achieve that, she opted to start her own business.

“I came across this chemical-based face product and became a reseller,” says Tyff. She sold the products on Instagram and made good money from it.

However, a problem soon unfolded. “After using the products for a couple of months, I noticed it was doing more damage to my skin than good. I was alarmed, so I started to research and study the ingredients, finding out that they were highly toxic. I stopped using the product immediately.”

This instance lit a lightbulb in Tyff’s mind; she thought that maybe she could develop a product that could be both unique and organic. She then proceeded to research about essential oils and natural alternatives, which led to the creation of One Earth Organics.

“I did more research and found plant-based ingredients that yielded better results than chemical-based ones. I teamed up with one of my closest friends to help me with the formulations since I don’t have a Chemistry degree, then I used my remaining savings as a capital to start production. Mind you, I only had 37,500 pesos in my account, which was meant for my son’s tuition fee down-payment,” Tyff shares.

The first product of One Earth Organics was aimed to solve the problems of its founder.

“My biggest insecurity was my underarms so I started with developing the Underarm Therapy Set, then I used Instagram to sell the products,” she shares with Preview.

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After testing it and seeing results, she then started to share her before and after transformations in social media and other platforms, resulting in dozens of inquiries day by day.

The word of her products spread like wildfire, so did her sales. Soon enough she sold her first 50 units in just two days. Her customers adored her products so much that some of them even gave their feedback and support for the development of Tyff’s business.

Soon, her confidence grew and she decided to sell her products at bazaars and contact more women to help her out during these events.

“I just trusted and believed that the business was really meant for me, so I resigned from my job as an executive assistant and pursued the business full-time and the rest was history.”

The Good Days Finally Came

As of now, her 16-year-old son is also a part of One Earth Organics and Beauty Bar. From selling locally to exporting internationally—Qatar, United Kingdom, Singapore, and Dubai to name a few—Tyff has truly made a voice for her products.

And from a mere seven different products, it quickly soared to 20, with more products still in development for future release.

Besides her passion for her niche and the support of her loving family and loyal employees, she discloses that one of the biggest factors that led to the success of One Earth Organics is its unorthodox approach towards Filipina beauty.

“My beauty philosophy is simply practicing self-love because this means you’re conscious about what you put on your skin, and you take time to treat yourself with a regimen.”

The business model that they used was formed around the feedback and comments of their customers, making it more of a personal brand and adding a lot of Filipina touch to make the brand stand out from other competitors.

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“We listen to what our clients need and just deliver, and we will continuously innovate in terms of what the consumers need and ensure that it is accessible to them.”

Tyff explains that their whole approach in the cosmetics industry was based on their core values, philosophy, and vision. This is the reason they were able to make a name for themselves in such a short time despite all the fishes in the sea.

“The brand is cruelty-free—we never test on animals! Our products are tested on my skin, on me, and never on animals. I test it for months and months before it gets distributed,” she shares to Preview.

“Building a business is hard, but building a business without much capital involves a lot of risks,” says Tyff. On top of that, researching about cosmetics is like going to school.

“First, you need to learn the basics about the skin—the ingredients, what works, and what you want to address or target.”

She also had a lot of business advice to share.

“Experiment, as this will help you grow and gain more experience. Don’t be afraid to ask for help either and always support others around you.”

“Believe in your products and your skills because if you don’t, nobody else will. Focus on the good and on what you have. Lastly, be inspired and grateful, always!”

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