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The concept of paying to have something delivered to one’s doorstep is hardly a novel idea.

In KL alone, we have food delivery providers (foodpanda, UberEats) and independent courier services (MatDespatch, Zepto) clamouring for the attention of the public, with almost every provider claiming to be the better, faster, and cheaper option.

But more often than not, most of these delivery providers tend to focus on one particular type of service, enforcing rigid rules and restrictions that sometimes limit options available to the customer with fixed rates, restricted locations, and limited delivery times among the factors.

This is where Bungkusit aims to make a difference.

What They Do

Only having recently launched, Bungkusit is a Selangor-based delivery service provider that aims to facilitate an all-encompassing consumer-level delivery service within the Klang Valley area (and soon nationwide).

This differs from the typical offerings by the current crop of delivery services by negating almost any sort of imposed restriction. With Bungkusit, anything can be delivered, at any time, to anywhere, with base rates starting at RM5.

“We want to be able to deliver anything from anywhere, be it a pasar malam or a durian stall,” said the founder, Tim.

“When you forget your notebook or umbrella at home, you can just Bungkusit from your house, and it’ll be delivered to your office all within 60 minutes.”

Who They Are

With the goal of becoming the go-to delivery service for everyday tasks and chores, Bungkusit relies on a closely monitored network of delivery runners that they call “Roadies”.

Through the use of an internal backend system, Bungkusit will be able to track, monitor, and communicate with their Roadies and ensure that every delivery is carried out smoothly.

Image Credit: Bungkusit

“We make sure our Roadies are well treated and enjoy working with us. They’re basically the face of Bungkusit,” Tim added. “We respect them and they respect us.”

How They Do It

On the way that Bungkusit aims to sustain itself despite the low and affordable costs of their services, Tim explained how they plan to maintain a healthy margin by eliminating all external involvement, and instead executing everything internally.

“We’ve done the calculations to know that although our rates are affordable, we can still sustain through it,” he said.

“We feel that once the starting phase is successful, the major profits will come later on through word-of-mouth when less marketing is required.”

In a nutshell, Bungkusit differs from its competitors by simply being a delivery service that quite literally does it all (as long as the delivery item fits on a bike, of course).

How To Use It

The Bungkusit service runs on a cash-on-delivery payment system, allowing customers the ability to make delivery requests through the readily available iOS (which will be released later this month) and Android apps with peace of mind.

As previously mentioned, one could use Bungkusit to deliver important things left at home, buy lunch from your favourite warung, or send mail items to international delivery companies without having to leave home. The only restriction—and a minor one at that—is the distance limit of 30km from pickup point to delivery destination.

While it’s not stated exactly how Bungkusit charges for their service, it’s mentioned that prices will vary based on distance and the time taken to make a delivery.

A quick check I made on the app quoted me a fee of RM14 for a delivery order 23km away from my location at 11 in the morning.

Image Credit: Bungkusit

“We want customers to know that we are here for them,” Tim said. “Realistically as a start, we want every KL-ite to be able to say “Hey, just Bungkusit lah!”.”

It invariably seems that with the delivery service market already packed to the rafters with competition that it will take something truly unique to make its mark.

And it feels that with their promise to to be the one-size-fits-all delivery platform, Bungkusit might just be it, if they can deliver on their promises.

  • Bungkusit is a delivery service platform based in Selangor that allows customers to have things delivered anywhere within Kuala Lumpur, and at anytime, with their rates starting at RM5.
  • The service operates through an app on the Google Play Store, with the Apple app to be released later in January.
  • Payment is handled via cash-on-delivery.
  • You can check out their website and Facebook page to learn more about them.

Feature Image Credit: Bungkusit


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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