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  • On the 10th of February, GoCar, Wowwwz & Picha Project have teamed up to bring GoLove, an Explorace-inspired blind date event for 60 specially curated participants. 
  • Since life is an adventure, what better way to find a partner than to go on a full day’s adventure? 
  • All proceeds will go towards Picha Project, a social enterprise that works together with refugees in Malaysia fleeing war-torn countries. 

GoCar and The Picha Project have teamed up for various projects over time. And for Valentine’s Day, the pair are back together once more, this time bringing in Wowwwz, a romance and lifestyle app.

Dubbing it the Go Love event, they’re hosting a blind date event on the 10th of February—just in time for you to find new love on Valentine’s day.

Do note that the event has been brought forward to morning, with more details to be confirmed by the organisers.

According to the sign-up page, Go Love will be a “one-of-a-kind blind dating party with surprise activities all day long while contributing back to the community. We are not revealing much on the agenda but trust us when we say one-of-a-kind.”

“All of us also believe that everyone deserves to find someone who’s right for them to go on this long and adventurous journey called life together,” said the GoCar’s Head of Marketing, Ashley Chew.

“In a nutshell, you’d get to go on short little adventures with other participants to help you decide if you’d like to further understand each other.”

The team has been purposefully vague about what’s in store for participants, because life is unpredictable.

Now, the good cause bit.

All proceeds will go to The Picha Project, a social enterprise in Malaysia that delivers food cooked by refugees in Malaysia to consumers and corporates. Since refugees here are not allowed to work, The Picha Project offers refugees opportunities to earn money.

An example of the delicious dishes served at a Picha Project event

At the same time, The Picha Project also hopes to raise awareness about the refugee plight in Malaysia in a way that Malaysians will understand—food.

We got a little sneak peek of what’s in store. 

Ashley asks us to imagine an Amazing Race. Throughout this event, you’ll be able to meet “interesting and like-minded people” while you help each other out, spend some travel time together, and eat good food from served from the refugee kitchens of Picha Project.

That’s right, you’ll be moving around the city. This is because GoCar has confirmed that “instead of using your own car, GoCar will be providing cars for participants to drive around to different locations in Klang Valley”.

You’ll be doing this while chatting up that hottie in the car to boot.

Another morsel dropped by GoCar: one of their location partners is Prima Avenue.

There will also be prizes from sponsors such as Lily&Lola—which sells lingerie (wink wink)—and Tribe Boxing Studio.

You can also get hints on who might be interested on the Wowwwz app, or Go Love’s event page on Facebook.

Image Credit: This post on their event page.

Upon some concerned messages from potential participants, Picha Project ensures that there will be no elements exercise or any explorace-ing. After all, it’s “a blind dating party, not a competition!”

We’d contend that prizes are usually awarded at the end of a competition, but it seems like GoCar will not elaborate on this further.

I guess this means that you can dress up for the event too.

To top it off, this will be an exclusive event open to only 60 people, screened and curated based on each other’s preferences.

So if you’ve got no plans on the 10th February, live in Klang Valley, and have RM150 to spare, why not sign up to spend it on a good cause? You might be one of the lucky 60 to experience an abridged version of life’s adventure with someone new.

You can sign up for Go Love here

Feature Image Credit: MY SECRET ROMANCE produced by Godin Media

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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