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  • Styleper, a fashion subscription box, has launched a collection of bridesmaid proposal products, which can be bought separately, or bought in sets. 
  • It came about after there were many requests from customers who wanted to buy personalised fashion boxes for their bridesmaids. 

Proposals have become a big deal here, whether you’re going down on one knee with a ring in your hand, or if you’ve brought a group of your closest friends and families to trade pantuns with the parents of your intended.

But this past couple of years, we’ve seen the rise of a different kind of proposal—bridesmaid proposals.

An entire sub-industry has developed around this trend even in Malaysia, with everything from blogshops to e-commerce sites fighting to offer their own cute gifts for brides to surprise their besties with.

Options range from individual gifts that these shops will say are perfect to add into your proposal gift baskets, or those e-shops that simply sell pre-designed boxes for the bride that will already have a lot on their plates.

That is exactly the bandwagon local e-shop player Styleper has hitched itself to.

Image Credit: Styleper

With a launch of their new collection last week, Styleper has released a series of bridesmaid-proposal gifts—gold-foiled proposal cards, t-shirts, whiskey glasses, flower crowns, and a pair of paper glasses with “Team Bride” emblazoned on top.

“It was a natural expansion of Styleper,” said founder Shu Wei.

“While we were selling our surprise fashion boxes, we had many customers who purchased our boxes as gifts to their friends. At the same time, we also had requests from customers who were getting married to do personalised fashion boxes for their bridesmaids.”

Shu Wei thinks that it’s become crucial in the planning of a wedding.

“We understand that planning a wedding can be a huge headache, hence, we want to take away a part of the stress by making every bride’s bridesmaid proposal a perfect and fuss-free one.”

Normally, Styleper’s bread and butter is the surprise fashion box, a monthly delivery of curated products based on a style profile of your choice.

Since we last wrote about them though, Styeleper has also launched a more “transparent” e-shop that is more traditional than the surprise boxes, selling accessories to complement the Styleper fashion boxes.

Along the same vein, brides can choose to select their products individually, or as a part of a boxed set.

Image Credit: Styleper

In fact, Shu Wei said that the offer of the gold foil cards on their website was designed for brides who simply want to pair it with any of their style boxes or fashion accessories for their proposals.

But even if brides choose to pair any of their Styleper bridesmaid proposal with a different gift, the unifying factor between Styleper’s usual subscription boxes and bridesmaid proposals is the element of surprise. It’s a little bit of an odd couple, but the perfect match don’t have to be perfectly identical. They just have to be complementary.

“The element of surprise is what really makes the whole experience so memorable to both the bride and bridesmaids.”

Thriftier brides might balk at the price of RM150 to RM185 per box, but if their goal is to reduce stress and time spent, this is one way to go.

We’ve said time and time again that subscription boxes are risky business here, so it is interesting that Styleper has just joined the wedding industry that is said to be a recession-proof luxury. It’s also worth a hefty RM7 billion a year.

No matter where we are in the economy, there will be a large section of the population that is hosting a luxurious wedding, and this is an interesting move by Styleper to supplement their other ventures.

  • Styleper’s new collection can be found here

Feature Image Credit: Styleper

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