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Editor’s Note: Article has since been updated with more information on 24 May 2018.

Circles.Life is at it again.

The original disruptor of the Singapore telco industry are back with a new mobile plan that is set to be their next game changer.

And this comes after announcing just two weeks ago that they have partnered with EZ-Link to reward their subscribers with more data through their daily commute on the bus and MRT.

This new plan that Circles.Life has just unveiled won’t even cost you a cent.

Circles.Life Launches New $0 Flexi Plan

Image Credit: Circles.Life

No they were not kidding, this new plan that was launched earlier today starts at $0.

It’s called the Flexi plan, and for the base cost of, well… nothing, you can get 1GB of data, 30 minutes of talk time, and 10 SMSes when you subscribe to Circles.Life.

This plan is all about flexibility as its name implies, and you can simply add on what you require, for a cost.

Image Credit: Circles.Life

Additional 1GB of data will be an extra $8, 2GB is $12, while 30 minutes more talk time (with free 10 SMSes) will be $5.

Circles.Life co-founder explains that the launch of this new Flexi plan, comes in line with their belief of empowering people by making digital access available to for everyone.

Most importantly, this plan comes with no strings attached.

The Flexi plan will be a new addition that will exist alongside their original no-contract plan that costs $28 a month which gives you 6GB of data.

Edit: 24 May 2018

Here’s What You Can And Cannot Do

Since it was announced, it has generated a lot of conversations, and skepticism, on Circles.Lifes’s Facebook page as well as in popular local forums and the Singapore sub-section on Reddit.

So to better explain the situation, Circles.Life has updated their Terms and Conditions page to include the new Flexi Plan.

Here’s the rundown.

Flexi Plan on CirclesCare App / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Upon signing up for the plan, subscribers will only get the basic 1GB of data, 30 minutes of talk time, and 10 SMSes for $0 a month.

The only adjustments you can make is to top-up those three things for a fee, that’s it.

Base $28 Plan on CirclesCare App / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

You will not get access to services that is normally offered by Circles.Life to subscribers on the base $28 a month plan and above.

The Flexi Plan is ineligible for roaming services, any of their data add-ons (eg. daily unlimited and 20GB for $20), unlimited WhatsApp texting, to even simple stuff like free incoming calls.

Any inbound calls answered will be deducted from your allocated minutes (including boosts).

Further more, there are other service restrictions that will also apply,

  1. IDD calling and SMS services;
  2. change of assigned mobile number;
  3. pay as you go service;
  4. number suspension.

One other thing to note is that, even though it is free, you must at least utilize it in some way.

Letting it lie dormant without making use of the data, calls, or SMSes may get your line suspended.

Circles.Life Deepens Relationship With SingPost

Image Credit: Circles.Life

Alongside a new disruptive mobile plan, Circles.Life also took the opportunity to announce another new initiative in partnership with SingPost.

This time, Circles.Life will be working with SingPost to bring its sign-up process offline, sort of.

Three SingPost locations have been named for the initial rollout of Circles.Life kiosks and they are located at the General Post Office in Paya Lebar, with Sengkang and Woodlands post offices being the other two locations.

The kiosks will enable anyone to sign up for any of Circles.Life’s plans in under 5 minutes, and the best thing is that you can collect your SIM card immediately at a counter in the post office after completing your registration.

Being available offline is definitely a significant move on the part of Circles.Life

While they have a achieved cult status among the young adults, having this offline presence will ensure that their services reach those are not so internet savvy.

“Unlimiting digital access also means making our service more accessible for everyone. By tapping on SingPost’s post offices across Singapore, our service will be even more accessible to more people, leaving no one out of the smart nation initiative.” – Rameez Ansar, Circles.Life co-founder

Reshaping The Telco Industry So That None Gets Left Behind

Image Credit: Circles.Life

The reality of the way we live now is that data is king, and the lack of it has sadly transcended beyond just it being a first world problem.

Many government services and platforms have gone online and have their own apps.

While this isn’t an issue for you and me, it’s not quite the same for the older, tech illiterate generation.

By making internet access essentially free while having an offline method of subscribing, Circles.Life is helping them get connected.

1GB as a starter is more than enough to perform administrative tasks and text messaging through apps.

To check out Circles.Life’s new Flexi plan, head on over to: https://pages.circles.life/flexiplan/

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