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  • Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new series of air-conditioning units, called the MSZ-LN series that achieves optimum cost performance and eco-friendliness.

Over the past few years, quite a few studies have been done to see if the office temperature affects work productivity.

So far, the general consensus seems to be pointing to yes.

Many theories have come up; some claim gender and weather play a role finding that optimum temperature. But till now, nothing concrete has been set.

1 out of 5 employees have argued with their colleagues over the air-conditioner (aircon) remote controller while 18% of the workers took it one step further and just secretly change the temperature.

Some businesses have gone through great lengths to come up with a solution.

A team in Hong Kong developed a platform to gather employees’ personal data to determine the most suitable room temperature for the majority of staff working in an office, in hopes that this could stop the debate once and for all.

That’s a lot of trouble to go through to ensure your office is a comfortable environment, but Mitsubishi Electric’s latest product hopes to simplify things.

Finding The Right Temperature

Mitsubishi Electric’s new range of wall-mounted aircon units called (the MSZ-LN) have cooling capacities from 2.5 to 6.1 kW. They’re designed to look and feel premium while achieving optimum cost performance and eco-friendliness.

The double-flap feature of the device helps direct the airflow and the series even has a special in-built sensor to detect the presence of people in the room based on body heat!

The i-see sensor is meant to work according to the needs of your office. It essentially monitors if there is anyone occupying the room, adjusts to the position they’re in and evaluates their body temperature to deliver accordingly.

Image Credit: uni-klima.com

“Its infrared ray sensor will automatically analyse a room’s temperature profile to determine the occupant’s position based on their heat signatures, and the perfect amount of heating or cooling can then be customised based on preference,” said Hiroaki Ashizawa, managing director of Mitsubishi Electric Malaysia.

Premium & Pleasant

The indoor units come in three colours: ruby red, onyx black and pearl white colours. Each comes with a matching, colour coordinated room controller.

The fine design was done with Mitsubishi Electric’s Replace technology, and you can utilise your building’s existing pipework, making it ideal for office and retail refurbishments.

The aircon includes a Plasma Quad Plus filter that gets rid of microscopic particles, and the dual-barrier coating on the heat exchanger, fan and air duct prevents dust and grease accumulation. This also helps reduce loss of energy caused by lower operation efficiency.

Basically your office management wouldn’t need to bother with aircon servicing as much.

Since they wanted to ensure maximum comfort, the MSZ-LN range offers noise levels as low as 19dBA (which is even lower than the sound of a whisper).

“As these new models are able to sense room occupancy and turn on automatically, it is even more important for the unit to be unobtrusive and quietly go about heating or cooling the space without drawing attention to itself.”

“Our assessments have shown the MSZ-LN to be one of the quietest air conditioning units on the market today,” said Graham Temple, Mitsubishi Electric’s marketing manager.

Offering Comfort To All

This product is one to keep in mind if you’re looking to invest in a solution that can hopefully find the right balance between all the employees and the office.

If you’re looking for a more affordable alternative, Mitsubishi also has their MSY-JP series, which has some similar features such as the dual-barrier coating, and is designed to maximise air flow and volume.

  • For more information on Mitsubishi Electric and the range of products they have, you can click here.

This article was written in collaboration with Mitsubishi Electric.

Feature Image Credit: Mitsubishi Electric

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