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The story goes like this.

Boy meets girl. Boy immediately knows ‘She is The One.’ Boy asks girl out. They start dating. After two years, he overhears her say that she dreams of getting engaged and married on the same day. All he can think is “how does even that even work?” He starts doing research. After some time, he finds her Pinterest board with over 200 pictures called “My Dream Wedding.”


So how did Pinterest help the boy (Ryan Leak) plan a wedding? After all, like Ryan mentions “no guy wakes up one day and decides to plan a wedding!” (Unless you are David tutera.)

Pinterest is an easy categorisation and pinning system, almost like virtual cork boards on which we pin post-its and according to Pinterest, “it is a tool for collecting and organising things you love.”Pinterest allows you to grab images from almost anywhere on the web and ‘pin it’ to one of your boards. Followers of your board will be able to ‘repin’ images that they want to add to one of their own boards. With its clean user interface, Pinterest gained a wide following and within 2 years had 11 million users visiting the site each week and was proclaimed one of the Top 10 social network services in 2011. It allows users to follow other users’ boards if they have similar interests and some of the most popular categories are travel, fashion, interior design, sports, film, humor and art. Many companies have also started using Pinterest as a business front, selling clothes and accessories via the platform known as ‘virtual storefront.’ One case of study showed that buyers coming from Pinterest spent $180 compared to $85 from Facebook users for the fashion sector. Pinterest is increasingly becoming more effective at driving sales compared to other forms of social media.

Example of how boards are organised with ‘pins’ in Pinterest

In this instance, Amanda Roman (the bride to be!) had pinned over 200 pins onto her board “My dream wedding” about what the various inspirations for her perfect wedding. “She planned the entire wedding without even knowing that she planned the entire wedding,” Ryan said.

collage weddingSome of Amanda’s inspirations Ryan used

Amanda’s Pinterest board covered every aspect of the wedding, from big things like checklists for the wedding (I bet Ryan found these very useful!), The Dress and colour schemes for the wedding and bridal party to smaller things like the seating arrangement for guests (“Rustic, simple, small and yet chic-exactly how I want my wedding…one day haha I think this makes me have an idea for mine,” Amanda commented on this pin).  She had even planned for the music, cake and make up! Ryan flew in Amanda’s favorite stylist to the wedding so that she could the look that she loved.

And this is how Pinterest became the fairy godmother of the 21st century.

Boy went on to create the dream wedding for the love of his life. Boy marries girl and they live happily ever after!

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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