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So You Hate Your Job? Don’t We All?

So is it still a mystery that you hate your “Day Job”?

Let me try to explain what a typical organisation looks like and what is the cause for all of your miseries.
An office organisation is usually divided into three kinds of people. This is not an original thought of mine but inspired by and has a strong agreement with a particular brilliant post.


Sociopath Devils

These are your upper management, people who have managed to crawl over you and others with ruthlessness and complete lack of empathy. These sociopaths know who to use as a pawn and how to make people like you believe that you actually matter to the system by sometimes throwing you a measly increment and promotion your way.

Cows Ready To Be Slaughtered

These are the most harmless but the most dispensable parts of the organisation. They are the tools in the hand of the Sociopaths and to be used up for their selfish gains. People like this are usually sacrificed as soon as there is a reorganisation of structure. The sad part is that they actually work hard and think their work matters enough to make them significant.

Then there is You.

You have a gut feeling that something is wrong, what you hear is too good to be true and maybe there is not really a future for you in the company. Unlike your early years, when the Sociopaths from management try to sweet talk about how essential you are to the team, somehow this time you can feel the hollowness of their words.

What is a boy to do?

So now you start thinking of an exit route. You tell yourself that you have a couple of good ideas which might turn into great businesses.

Through the darkness of the abject hopelessness you start seeing a light. You want to be an entrepreneur. The very mention of that word makes you more alive and gives you purpose in life. It seems that you have finally found what you needed.

Being an Entrepreneur sounds good. But it is hard work.

On top of that, you need a complete rethinking of your mentality and priorities. This is how you can reset your mindset so that you can successfully complete the transformation from a boring drone to a great entrepreneur.

#1 Have A mind With Child-Like Curiosity. Question Everything And Accept Nothing For Granted.

Too long we have been told that this is beyond our pay grade. Over many years of regular employment we get used to accepting things as they are given to us and sticking to our boundaries. If you want to do something different, question everything and then only the holes in the system or the problem will get exposed. Go with an undeterred child-like curiosity which has not been dampened by years of conditioning.

#2 Stop Blaming External Problems. Take 100% Responsibility Of Your Current State.

Before you can gain control over your own life, you must realise that the current state you are in is probably due to your doing. You decided to take the current job, you decided to stay in the current job, and where you are is because of the actions you have or have not taken. Once you take 100% responsibility for where you are, you will realise how much control you have over your life and well-being and then you can go on to steer your life in the direction that you want it to be.

#3 There Are More Than One Way To Solve A Problem. The Easiest Is Probably Not The Best.

Some people may have already found the easiest way to go about or to achieve something; however, this may not be the optimal way. Dare to go off the beaten track to try a different approach, but more importantly believe strongly enough in yourself to see it through. You will end up discovering a better path than the conventional one which exists.

#4 Realise That Your Life Would Not Be A Stable One. Your Successes Will Be High But Failures Will Be Low As Well.

An Extraordinary Life is, for the lack of a better word, extraordinary. Your life will be littered with successes and more importantly, failure. Do realise that failures teach more than success. But if you cannot stomach the roller coaster of these life events, maybe a conventional job with the path already laid out for you might be more suited for you.

However, here is some food for thought: if a movie isn’t filled with suspense and action, would you bother to watch it or enjoy it as much?

#5 Never Wait For Problems To Occur Before You Bother Thinking Of A Solution. Always Have Them Ready.

You have to change your attitude of how you deal with problems. Instead of fire-fighting when a problem occurs, spend time during the good times to work out possible failure scenarios and have the solutions ready.

#6 Finally, Never Give Up. You Might Be Just One Step Away From Success.


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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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