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Published 2014-10-30 15:00:26

If you love mechanical keyboards, then you would definitely know Cherry MX. The much loved keyboard is produced by ZF Electronics GmbH, a German company. In the video below, Linus and Luke from LinusTechTips, a popular forum and YouTube channel, tour the Cherry MX Factory to see how the keyboards are made and tested.

Mechanical-switch keyboards are known to generally be more durable because they use separate complete switches underneath every key instead of the usual membrane switches most common keyboards have. As a result, they require a little more pressure to press down but give that satisfying click feeling with each key. They also allow for the removal and replacement of keycaps, which allows for customisation and, again, are made to last.

Image Credit: mechanicalkeyboards.com
Image Credit: mechanicalkeyboards.com

What is impressive about these Cherry MX keyboards is how much torture they’re put through before production! Below is a list of the tortures the factory puts their famed mechanical keyboards through, to prove that they are durable enough to probably go through hell.

Acoustic Chamber

Monitors the loudness of products (while typing) and maintain the signature sound of products.

Image Credit: Screenshot from LinusTechTips YouTube video

Environmental Chamber

Test products through temperature (from -40 to 140 degrees Celcius) and humidity (10% to 98% relative humidity) changes.

50 million keystrokes at -25 degress Celcius  (Image Credit: Screenshot from LinusTechTips YouTube video)

Pressure Test

Maintains consistency of the actual force required to press it down for keyboards that have been through 50 million to 100 million keystrokes.

Image Credit: Screenshot from LinusTechTips YouTube video
Image Credit: Screenshot from LinusTechTips YouTube video

Electrostatic Discharge Test

Makes sure that keyboards can still operate safely with 8,000 volts of electricity.

Impressed yet? When people say that mechanical keyboards are built to last, they were not joking.

Watch the full video here:

How many tech products do you know that can last through that kind of torture? Maybe Cherry MX should add an extra station to their testing facility, to keep an eye out for #bendgate.

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