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Looks like someone else wants to make that time-of-month more bearable for the ladies of Singapore.

BlissyBox, a local feminine hygiene company, will be launching their services in Singapore on November 14. According to the new company, they are passionate about empowering Singaporean women to be better equipped to manage their monthly menstrual cycles by “providing a complete box of feminine hygiene joy just in time for any woman’s ‘special monthly friend'”.

Founded by Anna Karlsson, she was inspired by similar concepts in the U.S. and Europe, like Helloflo.com. Seeing that there weren’t any similar concepts to support ladies in Singapore, she sought to bring it into Singapore and Asia to dispel the negative connotations linked to this natural cycle by employing a fun and convenient way for women to receive their monthly supplies.

Image Credit: BlissyBox Facebook page

A New Player With New Arsenal

BlissyBox, however, isn’t the first on the scene. Locally-grown company PSLove also offers the same service, but with a couple months head-start. Currently, the company is still working to improve their website and are working to create their own heatpacks, and have even hinted at an accompanying period-tracking app.

When asked about their one major competitor, Anna said: “I think it’s great that we both are working towards the common goal – to provide women in Singapore a hassle-free and happy period.”

According to Anna, they also have an arsenal of different offerings to differentiate themselves. With BlissyBox, you will be able to mix and match all the types of brands they’re offering, and they also have an organic subscription option for the greener ones of us.

Screen Shot 2014-10-30 at 9.56.41 am

The biggest lure, in my opinion, is that all their subscription boxes will come with sweet treats, premium chocolates and a special monthly gift, which could be anything from jewellery to cosmetics. As compared to PSLove, which requires extra payment for a snacks add-on, it’s quite a bargain. And besides, which Singaporean girl would really say no to a free gift?

Growing Industry For A Taboo Topic

The fact that this industry is growing is interesting, since the topic of menstruation is still one that people feel uncomfortable having. Blissybox told Vulcan Post that they recognise this need to initiate conversations amongst Singaporean women about feminine health. Their site will launch with a blog called “Dr. Blissy”, which will answer questions and debunk period myths.

In this way we aim to drive away the squeamishness toward such a natural subject that it actually is,” said Anna, “We exist to empower Singapore women and want to create more girl power, locally and globally.”

Screen Shot 2014-10-31 at 9.02.43 am

While this ‘growth’ basically means a grand total of two companies that offer monthly subscription packages, it still means that the conservative culture we’ve grown up with in Singapore is expanding to accommodate more conversations to dispel the taboo around women’s periods.

BlissyBox website has soft-launched today, which according to Anna will help them work towards making all their products available for their actual launch on November 14. Not much can be seen from the website as of yet, but superficially it looks like a promising service that could give PSLove a run for its money. The industry is pretty new, but this new entrant shows that Singapore is ready for more growth in this department. A little competition wouldn’t hurt now, would it?

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