LiveUp Membership Will Cost $10 More From 1 July - No More Free Lazada Delivery

Launched back in 2017, Lazada’s LiveUp membership programme promised pretty impressive benefits for consumers who spent most of their money on online platforms.

At $49.90 a year, it offered members free delivery for orders on Lazada, and perks like $3 off Grab rides, 2 free months of Netflix, and rebates on Redmart and Lazada orders.

Screenshot from LiveUp

For those who are curious about how beneficial it is but remain reluctant to commit, LiveUp also offered a 60-day free trial.

According to a report on AsiaOne, however, there are upcoming changes to the membership plan that members might not be happy with.

Come 1 July, LiveUp membership fees will cost $59.90/year – $10 more than the current fee.

Next, there will be no more free delivery for Lazada orders.

Here’s a rundown of LiveUp’s benefits come 1 July:

Screenshot from LiveUp

One thing that is an improvement, however, is that the rebate cap will be increased by $20 to $50/month.

Screenshot from LiveUp

Current LiveUp Members Aren’t Impressed

According to a thread on Reddit discussing the upcoming changes, current LiveUp members aren’t too happy and are already looking to cancel their memberships.

Screenshot from Reddit
Screenshot from Reddit
Screenshot from Reddit
Screenshot from Reddit

A few Redditors offered that with 2 months of free Netflix subscription, members technically just need to earn $30 worth of rebates to ‘break even’, but it seems like most would rather just forgo that and cancel their memberships.

Screenshot from Reddit
Screenshot from Reddit

Lazada Offering Pro-Rated Refunds For Cancellations

There’s some relief for existing members who want to tap out, however.

Lazada is offering current members the option to cancel their subscription and receive a pro-rated refund when the changes kick in on 1 July.

Screenshot from Lazada

LiveUp members, will you be sticking around in spite of these changes? Let us know!

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