Free Lunches, AR Studio, Pool Tables: Verizon Media’s S’pore Office Will Make You Go Yahoo!

At one period of time, most of us had Yahoo! email accounts and used Yahoo! as our daily go-to search engine. The internet company once even exceeded a worth of US$100 billion in its heyday.

Although we no longer rely much on these services (Google and Gmail have swept up these markets now), Yahoo! is still doing plenty in terms of media, now under its parent company Verizon, which acquired them in 2017.

Together with publications like TechCrunch and HuffPost, Yahoo! is now a brand of Verizon Media, one of Verizon’s three key pillars of business.

We took a trip down to Verizon Media’s office at Mapletree Anson to check out the quirky workspace that fuels their creativity!

verizon media office singapore yahoo
Image Credit: Verizon Media

Revving Up For 5G

While we’ve still got a little time to go before 5G networks come to Singapore in 2020, Verizon was the first telco in the world to put this power in people’s hands when they rolled out their 5G service earlier this year in the United States.

Following this, they’re also making sure their Singapore arm is prepared to take on changes in media consumption when 5G drops here.

Verizon Media believes this will heavily shape the world with new media capabilities, making technologies like augmented reality become much more common in the videos we watch.

So their latest addition of a new, fully equipped studio is ready to handle such productions with ease.

yahoo tv singapore studio green screen filming set up
Image Credit: Verizon Media
Image Credit: Verizon Media

The studio doesn’t need to be gargantuan, but even with a small space it manages to let both human hosts and AR characters meet effortlessly on screen.

Videos can be fully produced by a lean team of as few as 2-3 people as well, thanks to having all the necessary equipment on set!

yahoo tv augmented reality ar singapore studio
Controlling an AR character in the studio / Image Credit: Vulcan Post
yahoo tv taiwan host meimei augmented reality ar character
I got a high-five with AR character MeiMei, who hosts a Taiwanese show for Yahoo TV / Image Credit: Verizon Media

This is where Yahoo TV shoots many of its original series, such as the recently popular ‘Singlish With Uncle Gwee’ which hilariously (but also quite educationally) makes sense of how simple English words take on different meanings when uttered by Singaporeans.

professor gwee li sui singlish singapore yahoo tv
I took a peek into the studio where Professor Gwee Li Sui was recording a new episode / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Business In The Front, Party In The Back

For the rest of Verizon Media’s close to 100 staff in Singapore, not all of them may do work that requires them to step into the studio, but they’ve also been able to enjoy the newly renovated office, completed in December last year.

What’s interesting about their space is that they’ve split the entire floor into half.

One side houses a more conventional office setting with neat, practical rows of desks, nothing too flashy.

The other side is where the fun happens, furbished with floor-to-ceiling windows, bright colours, inverted greenery, and an eclectic selection of chairs.

Whether you prefer structure and organisation, or need a refreshing burst of colour to inspire you, employees are free to move between the two contrasting spaces to work wherever they like.

verizon media singapore office cool colourful space
Image Credit: Verizon Media
verizon media singapore office space meeting room
Much of the newly renovated side is customisable; two meeting rooms are opened up to create a large town hall space / Image Credit: Vulcan Post
verizon media singapore office cool space
Image Credit: Verizon Media
verizon media singapore office pool table cool work space hiring
Verizon Media encourages employees to have fun as long as they get work done! / Image Credit: Verizon Media
verizon media singapore lounge space office chairs
Image Credit: Vulcan Post
verizon media singapore office merlion meeting room
Meeting rooms feature backdrops of Singapore’s landscapes / Image Credit: Vulcan Post
office coffee machine
I’d love to bump up my 3-in-1 coffee for a latte with freshly steamed milk, please / Image Credit: Vulcan Post
verizon media singapore office employee entitlement computer peripherals vending machine
Employees are entitled to two computer peripherals per year / Image Credit: Vulcan Post

Healthy Workers Are Happy Workers

More than just a good looking office, Verizon Media fosters togetherness by keeping their employees well fed.

They’re adopting a popular startup practice where meals are catered for the whole team daily, led by the belief that some of the most meaningful ideas actually spring up during lunchtime conversations.

It’s pretty surprising to find a company that’s collectively this committed to healthy eating—there are no junk food snacks or soft drinks stocked in the pantry; only fruits, nuts, cereals and fruit-infused water!

office pantry cafeteria
Verizon Media caters breakfast and lunch at the pantry daily / Image Credit: Verizon Media
healthy snacks nuts cereal singapore office pantry
Need a (healthy) snack? Hit up the nut and cereal bar / Image Credit: Verizon Media
banana kiwi fruit smoothie office pantry singapore
Recipes for smoothies are provided along with the fruits / Image Credit: Vulcan Post
big idea chair verizon media office singapore
These purple chairs originated from Yahoo’s ‘Big Idea Chair Awards’, and now employees can get a massage in them / Image Credit: Verizon Media

Beyond physical health, they take commendable efforts to take care of mental wellbeing with personal counselling available for all employees. The sessions are kept confidential by booking through the company’s app.

Verizon Media also has some policies in place to support diversity, like providing a prayer room, and a mothers’ nursing room. All cutlery in the pantry can only be used for halal food too.

If you’re interested to get a job here, Verizon Media is constantly expanding their team, so you can keep an eye on their openings!

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Featured Image Credit: Verizon Media

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