Ways You Can Make Your Dubai Trip Budget Friendly

The United Arab Emirates has become a hub of tourism in recent years; and if you are searching for the best travel destination in UAE, Dubai will gain the first spot. This emirate has become one of the most developed cities on this planet and is emerging as the next business hub of the Middle East. Development in infrastructure, engineering, economy and modern facilities has transformed this place into a dream destination for the travelers and if you are planning for a foreign trip, Dubai would be a great option for you.

In general, people have a misconception and most of them think Dubai is a very expensive holiday destination. However, the fact is that Dubai is not expensive anymore, and there are multiple budget accommodation, transportation and food options and one can choose as per their convenience. Moreover, there are many travel planning websites like Cleartrip that offer cheap Dubai flight tickets with Airblue Airline, Emirates Airlines, Saudia Airline and many others. The crazy discounts on flight tickets will help you save significantly on the cost of travel. In this article, we will highlight 5 effective tips to make your Dubai trip budget-friendly.

Choose budget-friendly hotel

Travelers can get plenty of options for accommodation starting from luxurious resorts, villas, five-star hotels to budget hotel. Yes, you read it right. It is possible to get budget hotels in Dubai. If you are traveling with your family, make sure to research about the budget hotels on the internet and you are likely to get some contacts. Once you have got the contacts, it’s time to compare the cost and services.

This technique is very effective for the budget travelers and you should try it. In case, you are a backpacker and willing to go with your friends, you can save more during the trip. Hostel chains are becoming popular nowadays and one can find budget hostels along with basic facilities. 


Travelers will have multiple options for transportation In Dubai and one must choose the cheapest alternative to save expenses. The Taxi service is cheap in Dubai but if you are willing to save time along with expenses, Dubai metro would be more convenient for you. The big bus tour is one of the most popular tour packages that cover almost all the top tourist places in Dubai, and it will be an ideal option for budget travelers.

Though there will be a time limitation if your purpose is to see more places you shouldn’t miss the big bus tour. The big bus tour is comparably pocket-friendly than other options and you shouldn’t miss this one while in Dubai. Make sure to carry your camera so that you can freeze the special moments for a lifetime.

Never Miss Free Activities

There are many free things to do in Dubai apart from visiting the mammoth shopping malls and budget travelers should utilize these opportunities. You must not miss these while in the city. Camel racing is an integral part of Emirati culture, and you can attend a race in the Dubai Camel Racing Club. Street wrestling is another popular activity to witness in Dubai.

The Jumeirah Mosque is located in the new part of the city and if you are looking for free things to Dubai, you can visit this place. Burj Khalifa is an architectural wonder on this planet and there’s no ticket unless you want to go inside the giant building. 

Avoid Tour Operators

Travelers can find tour operators who operate city tours and others but in case you are thinking about cheaper alternative, you can arrange the plan individually. By using public transport, you can save a lot on the trip and hence you should conduct the research properly. Go through the top tourists’ places in Dubai and sketch an itinerary and also check about transportation on the internet. However, sometimes you can get good discounts on tours. So you can compare both options and choose wisely.

You will find numerous travel websites that not only gives you cheap flight tickets but also they can help you plan the perfect itinerary for your trip and you can check the plans easily.

Enjoy Shopping or Window Shopping

Shopping is an integral part of travel and traveling on a budget doesn’t mean that you need to save on everything. Dubai is famous for cheap gold jewelry and if you are willing to buy Arabian jewelry, Deira Gold Souq is one of the most popular gold jewelry markets, and you should not miss this opportunity. Travelers can also find souvenir shops and toy shops where you can purchase souvenirs for family members and friends.

One can also find air-conditioned malls with branded stores but if you are a budget traveler, those places are not suitable for you. There’s a shop in Deira Gold Souq where you can see the largest ring in this world and you should not miss it.  If you don’t wish to do much shopping, you can at least enjoy window shopping to know what’s in there.     

Get a feel of the place by visiting souks and beaches

If you are not a museum person and want to gain an insight into Dubai culture, you can visit the Dubai Creek, where you can explore traditional souks and enjoy the experience. The Gold Souk is for those who like jewelery and Spice souks for those who want to know or want to buy Arabian spices, herbs, and incenses. Take a walk at your own pace and get a feel of these bazaars, local merchants and people.

You can also laze around on the Dubai beaches while enjoying the company of family or friends or simply take pleasure in peaceful nature. There are several beaches on the Gulf coastline where you can enjoy striking sands and great spots to spend an afternoon or evening.  You can also head to the Jumeirah Beach Park and Al Mamzar Beach Park where entry is affordable and setting perfect.

With these few tips, you can surely enjoy a Dubai vacation in your budget!

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