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Firms Cannot Collect, Use, Disclose NRIC Numbers From Sept 1 - May Face Up To S$1M Fine

Starting 1 Sept 2019, Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents can choose to not disclose their NRIC numbers, as part of updated guidelines to improve consumer protection.

Under guidelines issued by the Personal Data Protection Commission (PDPC), organisations will not be allowed to collect, use, and disclose NRIC numbers.

They will also not be allowed to make copies of, or retain the physical cards.

Organisations will only be able to do so when it is required by law, or when “the inability to accurately identify an individual could cause significant harm to themselves or other individuals”.

The guidelines also do not apply to the public sector or critical infrastructure buildings.

In situations where alternative identifiers aren’t available, individuals might still need to provide up to the last three numerical digits of their NRIC number.

By law, individuals will still need to provide their NRIC numbers when visiting a doctor, checking into a hotel, getting a new telephone line, buying a new property, or when getting hired at a new organisation.

Firms Will Get Grant To Offset Implementation Of New Solutions

Organisations who fail to abide by the guidelines by 1 Sept 2019 will be considered to have breached the PDPA and “may be subjected to penalties”, such as a fine that goes up to S$1 million.

The PDPC has issued a technical guide and a list of pre-approved solutions to help companies through the transition period.

A Productivity Solutions Grant will also be provided to offset 70% of the cost of implementing new solutions.

  • Find out more about the guidelines here.

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