Changi Airport Group received reports of a Viber app scam going around surrounding their 'Be A Changi Millionaire' campaign.

Victoria Sek  |  Singapore
Published 2019-08-22 11:35:57

Changi Airport Group (CAG) was reported to have received nine complaints of scam calls from a Viber account, surrounding their ‘Be A Changi Millionaire’ promotion and has alerted the police.

Victims get a call on the Viber app from someone asking them for their bank account number so they that they can claim a prize from the ‘Be A Changi Millionaire’ campaign.

According to this, a Viber account with a display photo featuring the ‘Be A Changi Millionaire’ advertisement contacts the victims.

As conditions for receiving the “prize”, scammers would ask victims questions that require them to divulge personal information such as bank account numbers.

People who did not participate in the Be A Changi Millionaire promotion were also targeted.

CAG said it will not reach out to participants to ask for their personal details over the phone.

They ask members of the public who have received suspicious calls, e-mails or other communications purportedly from CAG or its representatives to contact millionaire@changiairport.com or 9658-5945.

Featured Image Credit: Changi Airport Group, open4business.com.ua

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