Nas Daily Asserts He’s “Always Hiring Locals”, Contributed $1M To S’pore Economy In 4 Mths

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Popular travel vlogger Nuseir Yassin of Nas Daily has moved to Singapore with his girlfriend earlier in April this year.

Following their move here, Nas has set up his own company in Singapore called the Nas Daily Media Company.

This new video production house is focused on creating Facebook videos for clients, and the 27-year-old Harvard graduate is confident that it will be “one of the best, if not the best” company for creating such videos.

He previously shared that he is looking to double his staff headcount, specifically hiring about five new people to the team.

As part of its hiring efforts, Nas Daily has hosted a “Golden Job Hackathon” at WeWork’s office in April, where 20 video editors battled it out for a spot in his company.

Facebook Post On Vietnamese Hire Gets Flak

On August 12, Nas Daily posted a job opportunity on his Vietnamese Facebook page.

He writes: “I want to hire a Vietnamese person to join my team in Singapore. I’m looking for the best video maker in Vietnam to join me in a full-time position.”

He also offered a US$500 reward to the person who shared the post with the successful job applicant.

The Facebook post has since received a lot of criticism from Singaporeans, who feels that they have been left out from the job opportunity.

Nas Daily has since stepped forward to clear the air — the Vietnamese hire will only be trained in Singapore, but will eventually be based in Vietnam.

He acknowledges that the post might have given people the wrong impression of excluding Singaporeans from being considered for a job in his company.

The Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) has since issued him a warning as the job advertisement breaches its guidelines.

Under the guidelines, words and phrases that exclude Singaporeans or indicate a preference for non-Singaporeans should not be used.

“TAFEP takes a serious view of all forms of discriminatory employment practices, which are not in adherence with (the fair employment guidelines),” said a spokesperson.

Nas Daily: “We Always Hire Locals”

Following this hiring controversy, Nas Daily has published a long Facebook post in an attempt to “stand up for [himself].”

He expressed that this “drama” is unnecessary and not newsworthy.

He also stressed that the media should not “[create] fake drama” by catering to this “small number of Singaporeans (who) got pissed.”

In 4 months, Nas Daily has brought in $1 million to the Singaporean economy, with (another) $2 million coming in soon from our international clients.

In 1 year, Nas Daily (has) reached 200 million people with positive videos about Singapore. That’s more than some Hollywood films.

We hired 5 Singaporeans — some of them great video makers. We are building our HQ here. We’re ALWAYS HIRING LOCALS!

He also shared his plans to start a Nas University in Singapore to teach video-making to Singaporeans.

It will be the “first school of its kind to teach storytelling and content creation,” he added.

Featured Image Credit: Nas Daily / Screenshot from Facebook

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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