5 Pro Tips for Young Family to Save Money When Buying a House

The issue of buying your own house is particularly acute for most people all around the world. What to do if the inheritance in the form of a house is not planned in the near future, but you want to live in your cozy nest? How to save money when buying a house? Checked advice from financial experts and young people who managed to collect the necessary amount to purchase real estate will help answer all these questions.

1.      Follow promotions and discounts

As a rule, at 100% payment, discounts are often offered at all stages of the realization of the object, except for the start of sales when prices are at a minimum and demand is at a maximum. The size of the discount can vary from 1% to 8%; on average the size of the discount is 3-5%, which allows buyers to save significantly. In some cottage villages, there is a discount system for young families.

Buy housing on holidays or in summer. As a rule, builders launch interesting discounts either by timing them for holidays or during quiet periods in the market, for example, in summer to stimulate demand. In summer and during the holidays, there is a decrease in consumer activity, so buying a house at such a moment can save money, and also you can make a good deal in the absence of a large number of buyers.

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2.      Look for the less popular types of apartments

Almost in any project, there are several types of planning for housing, and due to the stereotypes of many buyers and well-established tastes, certain types of housing are bought first. Any builder, in turn, can offer good discounts on “deprived of attention” types of housing.

Buy a house with finishing.To save money, buyers may be advised to consider housing with finishing since repairs from a builder will be cheaper than repairs on their own due to the purchase by the builder of building materials in a large amount. On average, the cost of repairs on their own can reach about 30% of the cost of the house, so finishing allows you to minimize this cost item.

Also, by purchasing a piece of land without a contract, you can save a significant amount of money since independent construction is almost always cheaper.

3.      Contact specialists

A well-planned and legal deal saves the client’s money and time. In addition to the full support of the transaction in large real estate companies, a wide range of objects is offered, which allows clients to choose the best project for themselves taking into account all wishes. At the same time, there is an erroneous opinion among buyers that a house can be bought cheaper through the builder’s sales department than through a real estate company. However, in reality, the conditions of implementation are the same for both a builder’s sales department and a real estate agent.

4.      Clearly express your requirements

If buyers have a clear idea of what kind of apartment they want to buy – what area, on what floor, with what kind of rooms, etc. – then they already save their money and time. There are often cases when customers choose one house, and later it turns out that it doesn’t meet their wishes, and they want something another. During this time, the price of the object may increase, and a buyer will have to pay additional costs due to their lack of organization.

5.     Work with a builder’s partners only At the time of buying a house, you can sometimes face not one but several intermediaries at once, each of whom wants to take your money. So, when choosing a house, you should find an exclusive partner of the company-builder.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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