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Mobile app viral sensation Flappy Bird has been away from the App store and Google Play for a while now.

Lots of time has been spent speculating “Will he,will he not ?” bring the game back. Numerous clones have also popped up which are doing equally well. After reading this article, you should be able to locate the tools to create a fully functioning Flappy Bird Clone in under $100.

What was Flappy Bird?

It is pointless to reintroduce “Flappy Bird” at this moment. “Flappy Bird” is one of those digital viral success story equaling the likes of “Angry Birds” and “Temple Run”. A simple game created by a Vietnamese programmer during his free time, users tap the screen to control a bird in a distinctively “Super Mario” looking world. This was a game you could play with one finger while holding the phone with same hand.

Millions of people were downloading Flappy Bird at its peak, and it was raking in $50,000 a day from ads. Then the strangest thing occurred, the game’s creator was unable to handle the success and some criticism regarding the Mario-like look abruptly took it off the store.

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Flying Miley Cyrus!


Flappy Bird clones have exploded across both the App Store and Google Play. Not only do you have Clumsy Bird, Floppy Bird and many similarly sounding games, there is a whole page of apps with names like Flying Cyrus where you have a disturbing Miley Cyrus’s head (with the tongue sticking out of course) instead of the poor bird.


Where are all of them coming from?

So do developers all over the world just started making Flappy Bird clones from scratch, or did they have some help? After looking around for a while on the world wide web, it turns out that a developer from the Czech Republic had made a clone game called “Flappy Crocodile” and he was selling the source code and a single app license for $99.

“Flappy Crocodile” turns out to be exactly like the original, but instead you have a green, rather happy looking flying crocodile navigating the gaps between the tubes. Looking around through the Chupamobile site, we also found source codes to create your own restaurant review app, YouTube downloaders, online poker and many more. Basically if you have an idea, the template is there, and you just need to spend minimum time customizing the app to your particular need.


There is no point reinventing the wheels

So for $99 you can buy the source code which is the complete package required to publish and sell a game. It also includes a voucher for an on line course which walks you through the process of creating your first app. People have created their own customized clone with 3 hours of time and minimum knowledge.  Of course if you have never created an app before, it might take longer but it is definitely possible.

So there you have it.

There is no point rewriting the Flappy Bird code from scratch. If you think you want to ride the success of the original Flappy Bird with your clone, all you need is $99, your time and perhaps imagination in the form of a pop star’s cartoon head with her tongue sticking out.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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