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Working On Jurong Island? You'll Be Able To Ride A Driverless Bus To Work By June 2020

Yesterday (22 Oct), ST Engineering launched their Strobo Series 12 driverless bus, which has been undergoing trials without passengers on Jurong Island since June.

This trial will be conducted until early 2020.

Around June 2020, workers on Jurong Island will be able to take these driverless buses from the Jurong Island checkpoint to their workplaces.

There are hopes that these operational trials will help to check the ability of these driverless buses to eventually provide selected feeder and trunk bus services in Singapore.

The bus will be able to carry up to 80 passengers, and during trials, will travel at around 20km/h.

Its eventual speed will be 50km/h.

A safety driver will be present to monitor the vehicle’s operations, and passengers will also need to fasten their seat belts while riding the bus.

According to a statement, ST Engineering is also looking to bring its expertise and products to other cities seeking sustainable and scalable AV solution.

Currently, they are working to introduce an AV shuttle in Israel.

They are also exploring the sales of autonomous vehicles to Japan, in partnership with Japanese bus operator Willer.

Possible locations identified for deployment have been reported to be “an area in Tokyo and Sado Island near Niigata”.

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