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Being part of an online bank and owning an online bank account can be convenient, efficient and safer for many people. The world of banking has been diverting away from traditional norms over the years. From cryptocurrency at the opposite end of the spectrum to orthodox online banking somewhere between, there is something for everyone.

Online banks are usually beneficial if you make a lot of transactions online, such as groceries, shopping, paying for streaming services or even frequenting the best casinos which includes names such as Party casino online. Depositing money in online accounts or paying for these things may be cheaper with an online bank, especially if you are paying in another currency.

If you are considering an online bank, you should know about these options and their amazing features.

#1 For the Travellers: TransferWise

TransferWise is fast becoming the best online bank for travellers. What used to be a platform for just sending money to other countries and friends is now offering a multi currency debit card. With low to no fees and the inclusion of bank details in tens of countries, the TransferWise service is now an online banking force for jet setters and international businesspeople.

#2 For the Students: Chime

Chime is making the right noises for students. This online bank account offers a fantastic service without fees, including no overdraft fees, zero monthly fees and absolutely no minimum balance requirements.

One of the best features about this online account is that it gives students access to money before your pay-check hits the account (usually two days before you usually receive the money officially). So, the money from your student job is in your hand quicker!

#3 For Everyone: Ally Bank

Ally Bank is arguably the cream of the crop when it comes to online banking. They offer a number of financial services including their online account which does everything you need it to without any fees at all. They even have remarkable customer service directly available on their site with short waiting times to speak with a real human advisor. The only thing you cannot do with an Ally Bank online account is deposit funds.

#4 For Revolutionary Banking: Crypto Wallets

The other type of online account you may wish to choose is actually not an account at all. Be your own bank manager with a crypto wallet capable of storing Bitcoins and other popular cryptocurrencies. It is best to read up on the safety measures to take when going down this route. The good news with these wallets is that crypto is becoming even more regulated and used within eCommerce business – so you will have more opportunities to use it.

Other Options…

There are of course many other online banks out there, ready to offer you convenience, security and efficient banking services. Just remember that there are many free accounts around so don’t feel obligated to pay fees for your online bank account.

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