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As someone in their late 20s who’s struggling to look for a date, I tend to simply stick to what I know. Games, Movies, Netflix and YouTube take up most of my time alone when I’m not working.

However, I wanted to do something different to break the routine and go out on a date in the middle of KL at night.

But, instead of waiting around or browsing dating apps, I decided to go out on my lonesome and take pictures of my escapade with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra out as my date.

The pictures in this article are all captured with the Galaxy S20 Ultra on Bright Night mode and not edited, besides some occasional cropping.

Note: Some of these photos did have to be taken with a tripod, or you need very steady hands.

I Thought I Was Meeting Up With A Miss But Ended Up With Mist

My first stop for the night was the River of Life. When I reached there, the river was filled with mists. It was beautiful… and I was all alone.

However, my colleague revealed to me later on that the mist was there to keep the river and its surrounding area cool. But, this project did take up a very large amount of money (RM4.4 bil) to complete.

Anyway, focusing on the pictures, the Galaxy S20 Ultra’s Bright Night mode managed to capture the mists and the colourful lights.

While some of the surrounding areas around the river were under construction, it was a beautiful spot to just sit and chat with your date, if the weather permits. I did see some couples doing just that.

Right Here Waiting For You

I’m sure you’ve been left waiting for a date to come. Just like me in this instance, I’ve tried calling my date, but they never came (because they don’t exist).

This shot was taken at the Avenue J Hotel, right across the River Of Life. The hotel had an interesting design that made it stand out compared to the other buildings in the area.

Calling my imaginary date after being stood up.

KLCC Park Got Me Feeling Lonelier Than Akon

On the way to KLCC Park, I stumbled onto a wall with some pretty colourful lights, taking out the phone and snapping in Bright Night mode, the phone was able to capture the different colours. However, it did blow out some of the lighting of the ad signs on the road.

The camera picked up the colours quite nicely.

In the picture, I also spotted a lone water bottle. Just like me, it is waiting to be picked up and dumped.

Luckily for me, the weather gods found joy in my loneliness.

The skies were clear and taking pictures of KL was not a problem. The problem was with me not having a date to do so.

Also, after taking a picture of the Petronas Twin Towers in the clear night sky, I realised the Maxis Tower looked a little like Barad Dur (aka Dark Tower from Lord Of The Rings).

After being rejected by a tree, I decided that the best course of action would be just to walk away. But, my loneliness didn’t get better as I stumbled onto a bridge with a clear view of the twin towers, with many couples taking pictures there.

Around the KLCC fountains, there were plenty of spots for people to just sit, chill and talk while waiting for the fountain show. So I did just that and decided to take some selfies with the fountain in action.

Not long after, a couple entered the shot and they were quite lovey-dovey, taking pictures of each other and holding each other in an embrace. Thanks, guys.

Filling The Lonely Void Of My Heart With Food

After being tired of all the lovey-dovey couples, I decided to walk further up, this time all the way to Jalan Alor where I know I’ll get good food to fill up the void of my heart.

Did you know: There used to be streams and rivers in Jalan Alor that flow to Klang River?

Drinking businessmen, tourists snapping pictures of the bright lights and street vendors hollering at you are quite the norm in Jalan Alor.

Walking along the stretch, I thought to get some spicy food to spice up my night, and I knew I could always rely on Thai food to give me the right kick.

Stopping in one of the stalls, I ordered a bowl of Seafood Tom Yum and a side of fried chicken, topped off with a refreshing glass of watermelon juice.

Once the food arrived, of course as a gentleman, I’d serve my date first before helping myself. I also had to take an image with me feeding my date a bite of the chicken.

Dreaming Of A Future Where I’m Not Alone

After the delightful meal, it’s always a good idea to walk off those pounds. Even though devouring the soup and chicken by myself wasn’t an issue.

While Jalan Changkat is a known party-goer location, as a non-party animal, a good date idea would be to walk around the surrounding areas of Changkat to look at the gorgeous graffiti splattered around the place.

Here I am, holding hands with my potential date as we take in the beauty of the night.

Ending The Night On A High Note

Truth be told, KL still has plenty of activities to do alone, just like me—you could pose with your imaginary date and still have fun.

For me, my date with the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra turned out quite nicely, bright night pictures were taken with the phone and if you have a date (unlike me), having a good phone to take gorgeous pictures even in dark nights is always good to have.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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