Sporting a hard hat in the photo, Tan jokingly declared firsthand that he will not be making a "Chroma hat" before fans start asking for one.

Published 2020-03-16 12:20:51

At the end of 2018, Razer announced that it is set to open a Southeast Asia headquarters at the one-north business park in Singapore by 2020.

The planned building will be 7 storeys high, have an estimated gross floor area of 19,300 sqm, and feature design elements by Razer designers and external architects.

It will also be illuminated with “strips of LED lighting in “signature Razer green”.

There’s also a possibility that Tesla might power Razer’s upcoming HQ in Singapore following a Twitter exchange between Elon Musk and Razer CEO Min-Liang Tan last year.

Today (March 16), Tan posted on Facebook about his recent site visit to the HQ with his father, and confirmed that it’s “on track for opening this year.”

Sporting a hard hat in the photo, Tan jokingly declared firsthand that he will not be making a “Chroma hat” before fans start asking for one.

Jumping in on the joke, his fans replied to the post that they want a Chroma safety vest instead, or maybe even a Chroma face mask in light of the recent COVID-19 outbreak.

This has become a long-standing joke among Razer fans when one of them jokingly asked about a Razer toaster seven years ago, to which Tan replied that they already made one (they didn’t).

After relentless chasing by fans, Tan finally succumbed to it and said that he will make a Razer toaster if it hits 1 million likes — and it finally did. Now, it’s finally coming to fruition as Tan has assembled a team of designers and engineers to build one.

I guess the moral of the story is, you never know what you’re going to get unless you ask for it, right?

Featured Image Credit: Razer / Min-Liang Tan

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