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Resilience Budget: The President, All Political Office Holders To Get Additional 2-Mth Pay Cut

Concluding his Resilience Budget speech, Minister Heng Swee Keat said that the COVID-19 pandemic is the most serious crisis Singaporeans have faced in a generation.

The outbreak has put all countries around the world to the test on medical, economic, and social fronts, he added.

The country has come together in response, including healthcare and front-line workers, cleaners, public officers, the private sector and corporations as well as individuals.

He also notes that many people have had to make sacrifices in their lives, and some workers have suffered a loss of income or jobs.

He said that all political office holders will get an additional pay cut of two months, altogether a three-month pay cut in salary. The President, Speaker and both Deputy Speakers will take a similar pay cut.

Gov’t Will Stand With S’poreans

It is in times of crisis that the true character of a nation can be seen, Mr Heng says, as he urges Singaporeans to look after one another and stand with fellow citizens.

This is what it means to be SG United, he adds.

However, he says the months ahead will not be easy, as the situation continues to evolve dynamically and unpredictably.

The Government will lead the way in anticipating and responding to developments, he adds.

He stresses that the Government will stand with Singaporeans of all walks of life to battle the crisis, and he is confident that the country will ride through the storm and emerge even stronger.

Featured Image Credit: The Online Citizen

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