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8 Crabs is a crab delivery service in Singapore, which is well-known for their delicious and top-quality crab dishes and of course, efficient and reliable delivery. They also offer other famous and well sought-after Chinese ‘zhi char’ dishes that are highly popular among all Singaporeans.

What Makes This Company Different?

This company is unique because their crabs are Sri-Lankan sourced wild caught crabs. This means that their crabs are bigger, meatier, and to most people’s opinion, tastier. Sri Lankan crabs are always the preferred option when it comes to crab eating. Operating from 8crabs.com, they provide an express 1-hour delivery for all of their dishes and provide a full refund to unsatisfied customers in case of late delivery. 

8 Crabs offer their famed dishes at incredible value with an extremely affordable price point. Although there are other cheaper options on the market, it is difficult to find another business that offers crabs that are cheaper and of the same quality and value. Crabs and seafood have frequently made the news for dishonest business practices. It is worth noting that 8 Crabs is not only supported by a good number of satisfied customer reviews, but also notable mentions from known food bloggers in Singapore.

Why Are Crabs from 8 Crabs Better?

8 Crabs owns a premise in Sri Lanka that is situated 1 hour away from the airport. Live crabs are packed daily and sent to Singapore via air freight. All in all, a crab from Sri Lanka reaches your table within just 12 hours. This strategic location, along with technological advancements and a good manpower team makes this feat possible. As a result, 8 Crabs enjoy the luxury of not having to deal with dead crabs upon arrival. Cooking and preparing a dead crab for a meal is sinful in the food and beverage trade. Shell fish decompose exceptional quickly, and the worst part is that customers may not be able to tell when cooked with accompanying fragrant gravies.

Their focus on wild catch crabs have also proven to be a humungous differentiating factor compared to other crab sellers. Crabs emit ammonia when they are stressed, like to live alone, and have the need to travel at least 500 metres on a nightly basis. That being said, it is almost impossible to create a man-made environment for the live crabs to feel at home in a farm setting. That is why farm crabs often suffer from stress and as a result, emit ammonia. They become very watery and often die upon arrival to Singapore. It is also common that their meat loses firmness in the process. Sometimes when you eat crabs, you do notice that the meat is exceptionally crumbly. Now we know why it is this way!

Crab graders of the highest honours are also hired to evaluate the condition of all wild caught crabs. 8 Crabs makes a big promise to never sell or deliver empty shells.

Our Review:

We try to provide an unbiased opinion about 8 Crabs based on actual reviews and our own tasting experience.

We received a delivery of food that could feed 6 of us, which amounted to just 120 SGD. Like what is promised on the website, the crabs were indeed big like the photos. They were meaty with firm meat, and definitely no smell of ammonia was observed. The gravy of the Chilli Crab was spectacularly tangy. It was a perfect blend of multiple flavours that tasted so good together.

It is worth pointing out too that their Chilli Crab had spice! Most of the Chilli Crabs that we have tried before had a taste that was rather unbalanced. To be brutally honest, we would not even be able to tell the difference between this meal and that of a 5-star establishment.

The other dishes were great, too. The best part of the whole experience is that it felt like a true home cooked experience. We could get messy in the comfort of our personal premises.

“I used to eat crabs on a fortnightly basis but don’t do so anymore due to work commitments. Have never tried a crab delivery service because I was always doubtful about how a vendor can actually deliver it fresh. When I tried them out because of a promotion, I was stunned at the quality of food in spite of the economical price. It was a true value for money experience. I recommend the Chilli Crab, Har Cheong Kai, and Pork Ribs King to everyone out there. Their Mee Goreng is also rather unique.” – 8 Crabs Customer, Lennard Lim.

How Much Does the Food Cost?

The crabs, regardless of flavours, go for about 48 SGD for the medium sized 500 grams crab. The larger ones go up to a maximum of 110 SGD. Their other food dishes range from 8 SGD to 22 SGD, depending on the size of each dish. It is stated clearly in each product description the recommended size to order based on how many diners there are. There is free delivery for orders above 120 SGD, an amount that is easy to hit so long as you have at least 4 people including yourself.

Delivery and Service

8 Crabs provides a full refund for all late deliveries. They promise satisfaction and guarantee you will always come back for more. While delivery is free for orders above 120 SGD, same day or next day deliveries are pegged at 8 SGD for orders amounting to less than 120 SGD. Express one-hour deliveries are 18 SGD per order. The delivery time slots that you may choose are by the hour. A short enough window to plan for your dinner!

Our Final Verdict

Our final and honest verdict for the food from 8 Crabs is that it is a fantastic food delivery service for the quality of food they offer, and its economic value, too. With a diversity of dishes ranging from your all time favourite fried buns, to premium dishes such as abalone, there is really something for everyone.

Order your crabs now at https://8crabs.com/

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