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In 2019, e-wallets make up about 7% of the e-commerce payment methods in Malaysia and J.P. Morgan predicts that it’ll go up to at least 16% by 2021. 

BIS.org also notes that transmission of the COVID-19 in banknotes is lower compared to more frequently-touched objects such as credit card terminals or PIN pads, but they see contactless payment as the way forward.

So, to help Malaysians with a safer method of payment, i-Serve, a local fintech company introduced their very own e-wallet called Zapp.

And Zapp is not i-Serve’s first foray into the industry. In 2016, i-Serve managed to grab AirAsia’s Top Performer Award for their efforts in ticketing solutions throughout Malaysia.

By that standard, we do have some expectations going into the app. After trying it out, here are 5 things that caught my attention.

1. Spend, Spin, And Get Cashback

With the CMCO in place, we are still permitted to go out for essentials, provided that we practice necessary safeguards.

To help pay for your favourite meals or goodies, Zapp has partnered up with a host of merchants such as Tokyo Secret (a bakery popular for their Hanjuku Cheese Cakes) and Nyonya Leaf (known for their kuihs) so users can indulge in their guilty pleasures.

And if you’re a fur-parent, Zapp also can be used in stores such as Petsmore and Pets Wonderland.

When paying for purchases over RM10 using Zapp, you are eligible to join the Gembiraya Campaign (from now until June 30) which offers a ‘Spend & Spin cashback’.

They do have a few terms and conditions, so make sure that you make note of those.

You’ll need to spend a minimum of RM10 to get cashback

2. Get Free Baskin Robbins Ice Cream Vouchers

To me, Raya is not complete without a good meal. Which is why Zapp has now partnered up with VMO (whom we wrote about a few years back). 

VMO is a venue booking platform that allows users to look for potential caterers or event locations. In light of the current situation, they’ve now added food delivery listings onto their platform as well.

On VMO, food listings can be filtered by area or food type. After that, VMO will list out the options available in your area.

I can get roast duck, sushi and Nyonya dishes delivered to my house.

For orders above RM20 on VMO and paid with Zapp, you are entitled to a free Baskin Robbins ice cream voucher.

Do note that it might take up to 8 days for the voucher to appear in your account, and just like the previous offer, there are some terms and conditions tied to it.

And speaking of vouchers, Zapp has some that you should take advantage of.

3. Purchase And Collect Discount Vouchers

On the app, you can find discount vouchers for Baskin Robbins, Texas Chicken, Zalora, and CoolBlog to name a few.

A representative from Zapp told us that they update their vouchers often too, so you might see different deals on different dates. The vouchers are limited, so make sure that you act fast.

For example, the Texas Chicken Meal voucher allows you to get a 2-piece chicken meal for just RM8 when the normal price is RM12.40, which sounds like a deal that I would get for some good fried chicken.

An example of discount vouchers that they currently offer

4. Chat And Pay On A Single Platform

Zapp is also multi-functional. They are one of the few e-wallets available in Malaysia that offer in-app communication tools.

The team added this option because they have a vision of a unified app where users can go cashless and stay connected to their friends with just a single platform.

By clicking on the top right of the app (the ‘Z’ icon), you will be brought to a different tab within the app.

You’ll have to add friends onto Zapp if you wish to chat through the app

The app can handle voice and video calls aside from the normal messaging service. Better yet, if you’re having a social-distancing approved lunch with your friend, you can easily split the bill with them using the app.

According to the FAQ on Zapp’s site, they utilise end-to-end encryption for chats done on the app. This means that only you and the person you’re communicating with have access to the chat logs, messages and photos sent via the app.

To add a friend, you can either add them via their Zapp Chat ID or by scanning their Zapp QR code. If you wish, you can also create a group chat with your friends on the app for easier communication.

5. Look Forward To Consistent Updates

The team also told us that they’ll be constantly updating and improving the app for smoother user experience.

Besides their current features, they’re looking to expand and offer prepaid reloads, ticketing options, ehailing payments, games and contests.

A Zapp representative told us: “For future Zapp plans, we’ll look to improve and add more cashless and social experience features for our users. Additionally, we’ll look to add games, contests, and better in-app voucher deals for a more exciting and fun cashless experience.”


While the app is still in its infancy, I believe it can still be updated and improved with i-Serve’s seniority and experience in the industry as they’ve been in operation since 2001.

They’ll definitely need to fine-tune and improve on some of the UI of the app, but they do have some decent deals. 

Personally, I’d take advantage of their Baskin Robbins vouchers as I am a fiend for the Jamoca Almond Fudge. If you’re a new user and top up RM20, you can enjoy ice cream with me too—but minimum six feet away.

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