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You are in the middle of the work week and it’s almost time for lunch. You look over to your colleague sitting next to you and then discuss in small talk over deciding the best place to have lunch. Some fifteen minutes pass and still no one has made a decision on where to eat. You decide to take-away from the closest fast food restaurant and head back to your desk to continue where you left off, replying those emails and ticking off another busy day at work.

Sounds familiar?

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Real food, healthy genes

If you ever wanted something different for lunch now and then, The Naked Lunchbox serves food that would give you a healthy option when it comes to your lunch breaks. The Naked Lunchbox is a food delivery service that provides customers with real food.

According to Dr Mark Hyman, an American physician, “Food is medicine. It’s not like medicine, it is medicine. The science of epigenetics has shown us that low quality food has the power to make and keep us sick. And on the flip side, good food has the power to keep our healthy genes on and turn unhealthy genes off”.

A lot of people don’t realise that a lot of sicknesses and diseases are diet related. To put it in simple terms, if you fill your body constantly with junk, your body works harder to sustain itself. It is harder for your body to do what it is intended to when it is too busy clearing junk away. It gets worn out.

According to Clean Gut author Dr. Alejandro Junger, “By removing the obstacles and restoring whatever was lacking, everything corrects by itself. Function is restored. Symptoms just disappear. Diseases are gone, as if by magic”.

Most people wait for the symptoms to arise and head to the doctor to silence the symptoms using drugs. That is just a temporary solution. Eating healthy is more powerful than you think.

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A healthy workday lunch isn’t so hard to find anymore

Founder and Chef Cheryl Ho started the food service in August 2014. She says that the real food they serve would avoid any ingredients that are processed to make the meals as naked as possible. With so many choices to make during lunch time, we often make a decision to have our lunch at the most convenient eateries out there, and often they aren’t the healthiest option.

If you are in pursuit of healthy eating and have trouble finding places to have a quick meal in between work and lunch, The Naked Lunch Box serves up some exciting real and clean food. Cheryl says, “I used to work in an office and during lunch, I always find it such a hassle to decide where and what to eat. Healthy food is very difficult to find and there are limited places that serve them. Parking is also such a big problem and I would think, “How nice it was it if there was a place that would deliver healthy food”. She added that many people had a similar problem and decided to begin The Naked Lunchbox to serve raw and natural ingredients which is what our body needs.

What’s in a Naked Lunchbox?

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The Naked Lunchbox menu comprises of raw, vegan and paleo recipes. When it comes to raw ingredients Cheryl says, “Eating raw is powerful and extremely nutritious. The process of cooking can sometimes strip the nutrition from food. We try to design our salads to taste super yummy and delicious to prove that eating raw is not boring and tasteless. There’s also an option to add chicken for those who are not used to it. It takes time if you’re too used to feeding your body with junk”.

She added for vegans, “We design delicious vegan sandwiches for our fellow vegan eaters and also to prove that being vegan is definitely not boring at all. Most people have a misconception that as a vegetarian, you don’t get your protein at all. Plants have protein too and you don’t need as much protein as you think you do! (excluding, athletes and people who workout heavily)”.

As for paleo diet lovers, the Naked Lunchbox avoids a whole lot of processed ingredients that includes grains, flour and other ingredients that can be very difficult to avoid unless you prepare the food yourself. Cheryl says, “The paleo diet has many benefits and we try our best to design their recipes to cater to paleo eaters! We call them lunchplates and it includes a protein (meat) and two sides”.

How to get a Naked Lunchbox

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After receiving an overwhelming (sold out) response to their services, where can you get your hands on a wholesome, real and modest Naked Lunch?

  1. Drop them a message on Facebook or email them
  2. Go through the menu and opt for the best lunchbox for the week or month
  3. Make your payment via bank transfer
  4. Wait for the delivery at your doorstep

Note that The Naked Lunchbox caters to office, organisations, schools or centre orders within areas in Petaling Jaya and Kuala Lumpur. Pre-orders on a Friday before 6pm the week before would save you from a disappointment.

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