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Instagram is going to be the next big thing in eCommerce! Do remember you read that here first! But while we await such full-fledged transformation, let’s review one of the features of the platform that points to a future in eCommerce: Instagram Checkout.

With the release of the Instagram Checkout feature, the photo-sharing platform has finally moved from an entertainment hub into a one-stop-shop. Unlike before, when business owners had to lead potential customers from their Instagram pages to their store or site, the Instagram Checkout feature allows them to sell directly to anyone interested in their products without ever leaving the app.

Sounds exciting, right? Let’s find out more!

What is Instagram Checkout?

In simple terms, Instagram Checkout is one of the most recent features on Instagram, which allows Instagrammers to browse, shop, and pay for items sold by retailers directly within the Instagram app.

What it means for retailers:

Prior to this time, selling on Instagram was a frustrating endeavor, to say the least. First, you had to direct people to your bio every time you post a product so that they can click the link to your site or store. Secondly, you had to pray that viewers would actually follow through with the CTA (link in bio) you’ve added to your post.

In short, it was one hell of a marketing exercise. So, to now have a feature that allows people to patronize you directly is, indeed, a great relief for retailers.

Now more than ever, retailers cherish their Instagram marketing efforts – a fact that is reflected in the number of retailers downloading the buy Instagram followers app – because they know that in order to sell to more people on Instagram, they need to have a strong following.

What it means for consumers:

Time and again, I’ve seen people fail to proceed with a purchase simply because they don’t want to go through the stress of moving from one app to another. Thanks to the introduction of Instagram Checkout, consumers no longer have to leave Instagram to buy their dream products.

Not only does this new feature help those consumers that hate making app switches before buying products, but it also works for those consumers that don’t really feel a pressing need for a product but would still go ahead to buy it simply because the purchasing process is straightforward.

How does Instagram Checkout work?

It should be noted that the Instagram Checkout feature is currently only available to some selected brands worldwide (more on those brands later). So for now, don’t expect to find every Tom, Dick, and Harry retailer on Instagram selling directly to you.

Of course, Instagram will still extend the feature to every retailer in due time – which will finally confirm its status as an online marketplace – but for now, Instagrammers should bear in mind that only a select few retailers can sell to them.

So, how would you identify and buy from these retailers?

How to Checkout on Instagram

  • Once you see a brand post with a shopping bag, tap on it (this is one of the Instagram supported retailers)
  • Tap again on the product to reveal its details
  • Select the options for the product you want to buy
  • Tap Checkout on Instagram
  • If this is your first purchase via Instagram Checkout, you’d be asked to enter your contact details, delivery info, and card or PayPal details.
  • Review your order details and tap “Place Order.”

Set Pin

Once you’re done placing your first order, you’ll be asked to set a PIN for future orders. You can always set or change your PIN in the settings tab.

Can you cancel orders?

Yes, you can! Like every eCommerce store, Instagram Checkout allows users to cancel their order if they need to.

Can you return orders?

In case it’s too late to cancel an order, or you don’t like the product you’ve received, you can always return it within 30 days.

How do you track your order?

You can review your order status and track its shipment right within Instagram or check the email you entered at Checkout.

Are your orders protected?

Now to the question you’ve been drooling to ask: are purchases protected? Yes, your purchases are protected under Instagram’s Purchase Protection Policy. So in the event that you don’t receive an order or received something different from the details you entered at Checkout, you are free to request a refund. And the merchant is obligated to refund your money.

Can your followers see what you buy?

No! The products you buy won’t be revealed to your followers or displayed on the activity feed.

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