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Since the first introduction of bitcoins in the financial world, it became clear that the future for bitcoins is bright. Thanks to the numerous advantages it offers to its users, Bitcoin easily became the favorite digital currency where users from all around the world have found an unmatched financial payment method that offers great advantages over conventional payment methods. Whether it means paying the bill in a restaurant or getting reimbursed for a flight delay, bitcoin is the solution number one to offering easy, smooth transactions at no or low transaction costs.

Bitcoin trading became very popular since the first time bitcoins have appeared in the world of finances. There are ATM machines where bitcoin users can easily trade them for fiat currencies like euros and dollars, and vice versa. Even though some countries were reluctant to the idea of using digital currencies that one can’t touch or hold in his hand, these same countries are leaning towards legalizing bitcoins and more and more people show interest in trading them using online trading platforms.

Today, there is a number of online trading platforms where bitcoin users can trade their bitcoins in a few minutes. Not every exchange platform is suitable for every bitcoin user because all of them offer various features, accept various payment methods, have different transaction taxes, and so on. This is why here is a list of the best bitcoin online trading platforms that bitcoin users should definitely have a look at.

Bitcoin Loophole

Investors nowadays are looking forward to highly-advanced technological tools when it comes to trading their funds online. The cryptocurrency world is no different than the conventional financial world, and bitcoin investors are choosing Bitcoin Loophole to trade their bitcoins because it’s an outstanding software optimized for both professionals and beginners. Bitcoin Loophole is a legit and registered online trading platform. It definitely tickles all boxes when it comes to auto trading platforms, which makes it the one to recommend to all bitcoin users.

While there are many bitcoin trading platforms, Bitcoin Loophole stands out among its competitors thanks to the simple transaction experience. The level of security and the number of trading pairs available are unmatched in the online trading world. To add to this, the customer support response is decent, and it doesn’t take more than a few days to get your issue resolved. The list of advantages of Bitcoin Loophole goes on, and bitcoin users who want to trade their bitcoins shouldn’t look elsewhere.


One of the most popular exchange platforms in the cryptocurrency world is Coinbase. It is one of the largest trading platforms and it’s rated the highest globally. Since its appearance in 2012, many bitcoin traders found it appealing, thanks to the numerous advantages and extra features it offers to bitcoin users. It possesses a high level of security, various payment options that clients can choose from, a number of trading pairs, and what’s more, it’s backed by an asset insurance coverage in case the user’s security is put into danger.

Coinbase works with all 6 major cryptocurrencies in the world, and it also features the Instant Exchange option that allows users to enjoy real-time transactions. The overall user experience is satisfactory and all funds traded on this platform are backed by an insurance company in case something goes wrong with the platform like hacker attacks or system failure. Users can also take advantage of the free online wallet when trading bitcoins online. Definitely, Coinbase is one of the online trading platforms to recommend in the cryptocurrency trading community.


Bistamp is among the first licensed online trading platforms. This platform allows bitcoin users to use credit and debit cards. It’s a very user-friendly platform and what’s more, it’s well optimized for mobile use. It’s a very secure platform that comes with a lot of security features, including two-factor authentication and data encryption. Bitstamp notifies its user base about any unfamiliar price changes, and bitcoin transaction fees are reasonable.

It usually takes about 1-3 days for SEPA transfers to be processed, and it usually takes around 1-3 days for the funds to reflect in your Bitstamp account. When it comes to bank transfers, it takes about 3 days for bank transactions processing to be completed. It will take some time for beginners users to get to know Bitstamp a little more because it’s a highly advanced bitcoin online trading platforms that offer some extra features. However, thanks to it, it’s one of the highest-ranked online trading platforms, which is another reason why trading bitcoins is seen as an opportunity to raise some money.

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