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Published 2014-04-02 12:03:36

LINE, one of the world’s leading mobile messaging app, has just shared that the total users of registered LINE users across all platforms has surpassed 400 million.

line users

To celebrate LINE’s achievement of 400 million global users and as part of their commitment to growing the Singapore market, LINE will be holding their first Pop-up store in Singapore end April 2014. Details will be furnished at a later date.

To give you a better idea of what the Pop-up store might be like, LINE built a Pop-up store in Jakarta just last December as part of a Christmas-themed promotion. According to tech blog Tech in Asia, the Line team, in lieu of building an actual permanent storefront, set up characteristically-adorable stands selling Line merchandise like dolls, smartphone cases, stickers, and notebooks.

Note that these are all photos of a Pop-up store in Jakarta, and the Singapore event might be different from the event shown below:

line pop up
LINE Jakarta Pop-Up Store. Image Credit: Tech in Asia
line pop up jakarta
LINE Jakarta Pop-Up Store. Image Credit: Tech in Asia
line pop up jakarta 1
LINE Jakarta Pop-Up Store. Image Credit: Tech in Asia
line pop up jakarta 2
LINE Jakarta Pop-Up Store. Image Credit: Tech in Asia

LINE also had a first of its kind LINE Theme Park in Taipei, which will run until April 27. However, unlike other theme parks, the Taipei theme park is more of a larger scale version of Line’s Pop Up stores, which includes statues of characters, a model town, artwork and other photogenic props.

LINE is exploding in user growth

LINE originally launched on June 23, 2011, and has since grown into a global communications app that lets users communicate through voice and video calls as well as stickers and text messages.

The total number of registered users exceeded 300 million on November 11, 2013, with growing user numbers in countries such as North America and Europe adding to the already large user bases in Spain, Southeast Asia, and other countries. The amount of daily new users reached a
record-breaking average of 1.7 million per day, indicating rapid growth worldwide.

Along with the rising number of users, the amount of communication made through LINE has also skyrocketed. Since the start of 2014, records have been set for the daily usage of chat messages (10 billion/day), sticker messages (1.8 billion/day), and phone calls (over 12 million/day).

LINE CEO Akira Morikawa
LINE CEO Akira Morikawa

One of our goals for 2014 was to reach over 500 million users and today we’ve been able reach the milestone of 400 million. I’d like to thank all our users and supporters for their help so far,” said Akira Morikawa, CEO of LINE Corporation

Along with the rapid proliferation of smartphones, the level of competition in the global communications app market has become fiercer than ever, and is only intensifying every day. We believe that this shows that messaging services have become the crux of our mobile society, and demonstrates their incredible worth,” he added.

Here’s a quick infographic by the LINE team: line 400 millionAre you as excited as we are about the LINE Singapore Pop-up store? Watch this space as we get more updates from the LINE team.

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