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Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies in the world. It has already shown its potential in several industries among which is the gaming industry. Thanks to the diversity of this industry blockchain technology found a new place to grow. That’s how the crypto gaming market was born.

Although Bitcoin is an international phenomenon, it was the Ethereum game called CryptoKitties that started this market back in 2017. The game uses the blockchain’s network as a non-fungible token that each CryptoKitty has. The aim of the game is to breed, collect, and sell kittens.

The market has evolved since then and Bitcoin games have taken up some spots. The crypto games are popular because of the excellent reward system blockchain technology provides for its users. Additionally, it creates a friendly environment that enables the mass adoption of this technology.

Depending on the provider, some crypto games encompass several cryptocurrencies while others focus on one. Besides CryptoKitties, the title called My Crypto Heroes is built on one cryptocurrency – Ethereum. Similarly to that, Bitcoin has a few titles that look promising. Let’s have a look.

Bitcoin Flip

Lots of people all over the world have heard of Bitcoin in one way or another. However, if you’re new to the idea and you’re wondering how to use this cryptocurrency then Bitcoin Flip is the game for you. In terms of the type of game it is, it’s a simulator.

In other words, there are lots of simulators in the gaming industry. But this title is among the first cryptocurrency simulators. Thanks to Bitcoin Flip you can learn all there is to know about trading with Bitcoin. The game balances the basics with a bit of fun on the side.

Bitcoin Flip is a free app for Apple users. You’ll see real prices, tools, and charts that will help you understand the market. Moreover, this game will let you test out your trading strategies without experiencing losses. Unfortunately, this game’s a simulator so you won’t be able to experience the successes as well.

By enjoying this game, you can become a novice Bitcoin trader and then move on to the actual market. You should know that there are plenty of apps that can help out with cryptocurrency trading. One such app is the Bitcoin Rejoin app. All you need to do is create an account and deposit the minimum amount of $250. The platform needs as little attention as 20 minutes a day. So you can go about your day and leave the app on as long as you like. The results won’t disappoint you.

Spells of Genesis

The interesting thing about Spells of Genesis is that the game’s one of the first Bitcoin RPGs. Although it isn’t a classic RPG title since it also features arcade-style gameplay. In Spells of Genesis, players can go on adventures while battling enemies to collect orbs they can use for building out their decks.

Since the game’s based on blockchain players get to keep items and cards that they win in the game. Naturally, these can be exchanged outside of the game which is another way players could get collectibles that will tip the balance in their scale.

Altcoin Fantasy

This is another title on the crypto game market that lets you learn the ropes of cryptocurrency trading. In other words, it’s a simulator that lets you see how the market works and how to traverse it. Virtual US dollars are used in the game and with them players can trade with over 140 cryptocurrencies in the game. The best part about this title is that it has contests that let players win prizes with a monetary value. In other words, you can win Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies without investing.


This another interesting game that features the blockchain technology of several cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin included. It gives you one of six factions to fight for and help it dominate the rest. Similarly to the other crypto games, this is another game that lets you collect items you can use to defeat your enemies. Trading and purchasing collectibles are also available.


It’s obvious that the current trends in the crypto gaming market are games with collectibles and simulators that will make Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies easier to understand. Considering the popularity of Bitcoin and its rising price it’s no wonder that the cryptocurrency is becoming more common.

In that regard, it’s only a matter of time that this new kind of asset will become an important part of the financial infrastructure. By mass adoption of Bitcoin, the growth of the crypto gaming and financial market is inevitable. In other words, we’ll see more crypto games in the near future and the wider use of the cryptocurrency.

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