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Many people are wondering what the benefits are of trading bitcoins. Well, the reality is that Bitcoin is the most popular cryptocurrency in the world. The fact that bitcoins are an independent source of finances that is not attached to banks and other financial institutions, it’s something that has attracted the trader’s eye years ago when Bitcoin was the first introduced cryptocurrency back in 2008.

There is a number of benefits that Bitcoin owners can take advantage of, and they mainly come from the fact that Bitcoin is a new perspective in the financial world, which is something that people enjoy the most about them. Bitcoin processing fees are the lowest on the market, and they vary from 0 to 1% commission on the entire transaction amount.
General Overview

So, what are the benefits of trading Bitcoins? First of all, bitcoin has the capacity to process payment in a few minutes, the online trading platforms like Coinbase and Kraken offer a high level of security where traders can safely perform Bitcoin transactions. Secondly, Bitcoin is something new on the market and while many didn’t believe that it would get that far, many have recognized the potential of Bitcoin as a cryptocurrency to compete with the biggest competitors on the market, the fiat currencies. Last but not least, Bitcoin is available in the majority of countries, especially in developed countries like the US and the UK. All in all, the future for bitcoins seems bright and more and more people become aware of the benefits of trading bitcoins online.

The Online Trading Platform – Bitcoin Profit

There isn’t a shortage of online trading platforms on the market. Brand new trading platforms appear on the market and tend to replace the well-known names by offering extra features. The platform has been offering its trading services to a number of clients in the last 10 years. The win-rate estimate of Bitcoin transactions processed on Bitcoin Profit is 92%, which is one of the highest in the cryptocurrency community.

It’s important noting that the Bitcoin Profit platform is well-customized for beginners in trading, it’s simple and easy to use, while at the same time it offers a number of extra features to experienced traders. Users of this platform get notified

  • about the best spots available
  • the platform does a market research and market analysis to learn more about the current market situation, and
  • finds the best deals available for all Bitcoin traders using the Bitcoin Profit platform, as well as
  • Demo trading and live trading

These are some of the features Bitcoin profit provides both novice and professional traders with. There is a number of other platforms on the market that satisfy the needs of the everyday trader, and traders won’t make a mistake choosing one of them.

Charges, Bitcoin Transactions, and Transaction Authorization

Unlike fiat currencies that are known for the high processing fees at banks or other financial institutions, brokers are the people who take care of it for little or no commission at all. Bitcoin transaction fees are some of the lowest on the market, offering a high level of transaction processing at the lowest prices available online. There aren’t any account maintenance fees or other fees associated with general banking. On top of that, international transactions are also one of the cheapest, there isn’t a need for transaction authorization, and this is thanks to the fact that Bitcoin is not related to financial institutions. This is why bitcoin is especially popular among people who are not users of the traditional banking systems like credit cards and other payment methods.
Smartphone Apps and Mobile Phones

One of the biggest advantages of cryptocurrencies is the possibility to trade them online. Thanks to smartphone apps, people have their funds available at any time, and trading them happens in a matter of seconds. There is a number of trading apps available in the Play Store and App Store on the iPhone and Android phones respectively. On top of that, the registration process on any trading platform is quite fast, and don’t require that clients enter a large amount of data.
Smartphone Apps Vs Web Platforms

Best of all, trading apps retain the same qualities of online trading platforms. Clients won’t even notice the difference whether they’re using the mobile version or the web version of the trading platform. They don’t fall short of offering a high level of protection, they are encrypted and involve the two-level authenticity check to ensure smooth mobile transactions using the smartphone device.

All in all, bitcoin offers way too many features that make it hard to ignore them. People are becoming aware of the possibility to use digital currencies and take advantage of the numerous benefits that Bitcoin, the pioneer in the cryptocurrency world, offers to its clients.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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