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With so many people working from home these days, as well as the internet being a source of entertainment for many, slow internet has got to be more frustrating than ever before. After all, more people are using the internet and with more people at home at the same time, the internet is getting stretched thin.

For Xfinity users, there are some solutions out there for slow internet problems. Here are a few trouble shooting options that you can try out to figure out how to boost your internet.

How is your Modem or Router?

The first question that you should ask is if you are using the best modem router for Xfinity? If you have not updated your modem lately, you might simply be due for a new one. It is good to check out the speed package that you have with your Xfinity account. Speeds are improving all of the time and you might not have realized what your internet is even capable of.

Once you know what level of speeds that you can get, look at the speed that your modem router is getting. Is your modem capable of achieving the speeds that you are paying for with Xfinity? If it isn’t, then you really need to research what modem would be the most appropriate to get the speed you want. Do not forget that newer modem routers also come with a lot more features and choices, making them better than ever.

Check with Xfinity

Perhaps before you head out to buy a new modem router, you should confirm the speeds that you are supposed to be getting with Xfinity and perform a speed test. There is always a chance that there is an issue on Xfinity’s side and they need to come out and fix something. If it seems like you are not getting the right level of speeds and your modem is in check, give Xfinity a call.

You might also want to up your speed package if it is possible. If there is a better package available that you can budget for, you might also be able to alleviate some of the slowdown and stress that you are feeling.

Where are you keeping your Modem Router?

Another question that you might want to ask is whether your modem router is kept in the best location to gain optimal speed. Routers really need to be centrally located to ensure that the entire network will be able to get the best speeds possible. There is also the risk of obstacles blocking the strength of your signal. For example, keeping your modem router in the kitchen can cause interference from the microwave, or the router’s signal might not be able to pass through the refrigerator. Granite and concrete also will dull the signal, making it overall weak and slow.

Perhaps a more unusual suggestion is that keeping the router where humans congregate can also be a mistake. You might think that having it in the room with you will give you the best signal, and it might, but human bodies are also obstacles that signals will have to travel through to reach other destinations.

Look for any Speed Drains

Our final recommendation is to look out for anything that might be draining the speeds from your network. How locked down is your network? If your neighbours can easily hop onto your network, they could be taking away all of your bandwidth and slowing down your network. Make sure that your network has security in place to prevent this.

Other than outside users, you should check what the devices within your home are doing. If there is a device that is running when it is not necessary, you might experience some background power drains. This can dramatically slow down your network without you even knowing it. Your modem router should have a log that will show all of the connected devices within your network. If something seems off, you will need to find it and eliminate it.

In some cases, slow internet might be unavoidable, but you should still do all that you can to boost your internet speed and prevent any obnoxious slowdowns.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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