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Prior to starting my current job, I looked into management trainee programmes from different companies. My logic was that since I had no experience as a fresh grad, these programmes would make me a more attractive candidate for hiring later. 

Shopee Malaysia’s yearly Global Leadership Program (GLP) is the company’s specially designed management trainee programme.

It’s a 2-year long programme, and right now, it’s looking to give a fresh batch of bright-eyed youngsters exposure to the e-commerce industry through on-the-job training and education.

Eligibility criteria? You qualify for the GLP if you’re a fresh grad, graduating in 2021, or currently working with less than 2 years of experience.

Here’s a breakdown of the benefits that the GLP can offer its Associates.

1. Get the chance to experience work overseas.

This could be one of the most obvious draws for many: the fact that you’ll be posted overseas for the GLP too. Shopee Malaysia’s GLP Associates get the opportunity to work at Shopee Singapore as well, which will better shape trainees’ understanding of the e-commerce landscape in the region.

The GLP lasts 2 years and is broken up into four rotations, each a six-monthly cycle. It is during one of those rotations that you’ll get a placement at Shopee Singapore and learn from the senior team too.

With this, you get double the exposure as you involve yourself in impactful projects from both offices across Shopee’s core functions in Business Development, Operations, Marketing, or Business Intelligence.

2. An attractive, competitive salary package.

If the 2-year duration scares you because you thought you’d simply be paid in knowledge and upskilling, calm down.

Shopee Malaysia provides GLP Associates with a rewarding salary package even while the Associates  take part in developing the company’s crucial projects. 

3. Experience the company culture first-hand.

“Dynamic and collaborative,” was Kevin’s answer when asked about Shopee’s working culture. He’s a GLP Associate who joined the company during its 2020 intake, and is currently in the Business Development team.

Inside Shopee Malaysia’s office / Image Credit: Shopee Malaysia

“Make no mistake, this isn’t a typical 9-5 job with a series of repetitive tasks. There are always new initiatives and business problems that require solving, so you will be constantly pushed out of your comfort zone to contribute and learn at the same time.”

Wee Wen, a GLP Associate from the 2019 intake who’s currently in the Business Development team too, added, “It’s also a really flat organisation where there are no distinctive gaps between us and the managers. You are always welcome to speak to them if you have any suggestions or if you just wanted advice and guidance.”

“I would describe Shopee’s working culture as a challenging yet rewarding one as we’re given both the trust and support by leaders to strive for our best personally and professionally,” shared Mike, another GLP Associate from the 2020 intake.

4. Put theories to practice in a dynamic environment.

I believe that what we learn in academic institutions can never truly prepare us for the working world, so having a “testbed” before being launched into the latter can be very helpful.

Kevin also shared, “You aren’t merely learning about diverse business processes, but you’re expected to spearhead new strategic initiatives and craft out those business processes. The degree of impact of your work will be felt.”

Mike is now working on a project related to process improvement in the aspects of logistics and customer service.

“In this short amount of time, I’ve experienced a very steep learning curve, and one of the reasons is because I’m expected to equip myself with the necessary skills and knowledge to really understand the current processes to work on initiatives that actually improve these processes,” he added.

GLP Associates are deeply involved in the planning and execution of decisions, so they learn how to be proactive and can hone their grit too—both important skills in a workplace.

5. Get hands-on experience in shaping Shopee.

“While serving in the Business Development department, I was given a lot of exposure on the warehouse business as well as opportunities to even manage brands,” said Wee Wen.

Meanwhile, in her first rotation, she got the chance to work with the team who was tasked with the launching of ShopeePay QR and more.

A team brainstorming session / Image Credit: Shopee Malaysia

To get an idea of just how hands-on the experience is, in the warehouse, you’d even be expected to help out with the packing so you experience for yourself the importance of the job.

“It’s about paying attention to the tiniest details,” Kevin summed up. “Oftentimes, we think of big-picture strategies, but the execution of a project down to the tiniest level is really the fundamental determinant of whether a project becomes successful, or a failure.”

Currently, Kevin is spearheading new marketing solutions at Shopee that seek to optimise the brand’s digital presence while diversifying their user base.

6. Benefit from direct mentorship from the senior management team.

“This programme is designed in such a way that we will be working directly with the managers and senior managers that have years of experience in the working world,” Wee Wen said.

“While the initial learning phases may be a little bit stressful, I think you have a great support structure from your peers as well as your mentors at Shopee,” Kevin added.

With your mentors, you’ll learn the importance of managing expectations and being aligned on the overall objective to ensure that it’s achieved in the end. These two skills are invaluable, particularly since you’ll be working with different teams on different objectives in every project.

“I’m able to gain direct feedback on my ideas and initiatives to really take it up a notch to make an impact on my work at Shopee,” Mike added.

Final Advice On Getting In, From A GLP Associate

The selection process is no joke. It’s like going through an examination to even successfully apply in the first place.

So for those of you interested in joining now, Kevin has some advice:

“I think the most challenging part of the selection process would be the case interviews. 2 key tips that I think are crucial: the first is to always accurately define the business problem within the case and break it down to its root cause.”

“Don’t rush to provide answers, instead do take your time in structuring your thought processes logically and coherently. The second tip would be to stay calm. One way to overcome the jitters is to practice these case study sessions with your peers so that you get a good grasp of the flow and dynamics of a case study interview.”

  • Shopee’s Global Leaders Program 2021 is currently open for applications until December 21, 2020. You can apply for it here.
  • You can read more about what we’ve written on Shopee here.

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