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Last weekend, a website named The Sleeping Beauties made its rounds on social media for allegedly selling the pre-loved pillows of Singaporean influencers.

For a price of S$20 to S$100, customers were able to purchase their favourite influencer’s pre-loved pillow.

It was not disclosed how the prices were devised.

Image Credit: Sleeping Beauties

The site was even complete with reviews that claimed that the pillows “smell so good”.

Sleeping Beauties, however, has since been shut down as various influencers began stepping out to offer explanations on why their “used” pillows were on sale.

A Social Experiment Or Charity Work?

Different explanations have been offered for why pillows from 24 different influencers went on sale on the site.

Avander Ho, model of the most expensive one at S$200, said last night (December 21) on her Instagram Story that it was a “social experiment”.

Image Credit: @avander.ho on Instagram

“I was contacted by this media company about doing a social experiment if people would buy pre-loved pillow. In the 10-day experiment that the website got up, I got loads of backlash from the general public and even unwanted attention from other media companies,” said Avander.

Another influencer, Jasmine Ng, took to her Instagram Story to share that the 24 influencers were “contacted by a media company to join them on a social experiment project”.

Image Credit: @jsmine.ng on Instagram

She also said that the media company involved was “not coming out anytime soon” to clear the air on the project, and thus she had to explain it herself.

Both parties did not identify the media company involved.

Other influencers, however, had differing tales to tell. Kimberley Yong who had her pillow on sale at S$100 said that the whole thing was for charity.

Image Credit: @kimbae_xoxo on Instagram

In her Instagram Story, Kimberly clarified that the pillows were brand new, unlike what was previously stated on The Sleeping Beauties.

She also said that part of the proceeds from the sales of the pillow will go to charity.

Since the influencers have differing stories, it is likely that followers will have to wait for more light to be shed on the issue.

Furthermore, the Sleeping Beauties site has since been taken down, and no pillows are available for sale.

Featured Image Credit: @avander.ho on Instagram / @Vvviva and @Kimbae_xoxo via The Sleeping Beauties

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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