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When someone says jackpot, most people instantly think of three lucky sevens appearing on the reels of a slot machine. Yet, the technology behind the game has changed drastically from the time when this was the popular way of playing slots.

Although we still have classic slot machines in brick-and-mortar casinos, we can also play slots online using our computers and mobile phones. However, is the feeling equally satisfying?

Let’s take a look at how technology has changed the way we play slot games over time and how it has affected both players and casino owners.

Classic Slot Machines

When we mention classic slots, we’re actually talking about the real-time slot machines found in land-based casinos. The old-time slots that casino fans used to play many years ago worked on a simple principle — you insert a coin and pull a lever so that the reels start spinning.

However, the problem with the technology behind these slot machines was the fact that players could allegedly cheat while playing them. During all those years when these slots were the standard, slot enthusiasts used to come up with various ways to trick the machine into releasing the coins.

Some players used to “feed” the machine by inserting coins for several hours until the machine got full and triggered the jackpot. Others, on the other hand, came up with an idea to use a strong magnet that would make the reels stop once they saw the winning combination.

Unfortunately for them, the technology has advanced, and inserting coins into slot machines is no longer an option. Slot machine developers have now introduced a new method to set the reels in motion. The lever is still there, though, but the work behind the slots has been computerised and set to throw out random results.

Also, the system that was used for symbols selection has now been replaced with something we call a random number generator (RNG). The RNG represents an algorithm produced by a computer that generates a string of numbers corresponding to a certain symbol. In other words, every symbol that appears on the reels carries a specific value. 

When you pull the lever, the RNG generates a unique combination of numbers within seconds. Then, once the reels come to a halt, that particular set of numbers determines which symbols will appear on the line.

Online Slots

Once online slots were introduced, the change regarding the technology behind the game occurred as well. Namely, instead of the real-time machine with a mechanical lever, we now have an image of reels on our PC or mobile screens.

Of course, when it comes to online slots, also known as video slots, it is obvious that lever is out of the equation. Instead, you have the Spin button you need to click on in order to get the reels spinning.

While players often say that these digital slots do not provide the same feeling as the land-based ones, they are still the most popular game in online casinos worldwide. What is more, online slots also offer some benefits since you can play them from the comfort of your home and fund your account in various ways without having to withdraw any cash.

For example, you can choose to play online slots in PayPal casino ICE36 and complete both deposits and withdrawals easily via your web browser.

Has Technology Improved Slot Games?

Over the years, technology has drastically changed the way slot games work. They have come a long way from one-armed bandits — in fact, today, slots are an RNG powered game available online on our PCs and mobile devices.

In general, it’s safe to say that technology has made slot games better in many ways for both players and casinos. Online slots allow you to enjoy the game anywhere you are, and there are even free slots now available for those who don’t feel like spending any money. Ultimately, for those who miss the lever, land-based casinos still offer real-time slot machines.

When it comes to casino owners, they too seem to have wholeheartedly accepted tech changes regarding slot games. Land-based casinos no longer need to fear that players will try to tamper with their slot machines. At the same time, online gaming hubs have profited a lot from these video versions of the world’s most popular game of chance.

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