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Mark Lim had only one wish. If he could go back in time, he would make a 3D figurine of his late father who passed away two years ago. “It’s a motivation for me to share this technology with people, so that they can consider scanning their families to hold and remember. A family tree of every member would be a fantastic display piece,” the Director of Singapore-based company LiveSketch Figurines explained.
After coming across a technology that was used to print 3D prototypes, the LiveSketch Figurines team began to think outside the box and wonder if it could be applied to human figurines. At that instant, they started researching to find a scanner that could compliment the printer to create these miniature figurines in full colour and 90% life likeness.
Long story short, they hit the jackpot and as they say, the rest is history.
Image Credit: LiveSketch Figurines Facebook Page

Does Live Sketch Capture Beauty Marks And Freckles?

The 3D miniature figurines store offers 3 basic sizes. Lim shared, “Live Sketch is very attractively priced, it’s likely the lowest in Asia. Our starting price is from $299.” He further described that the scale of 1:10 captures the most details when it comes to large prints outfits, while a 1:8 records accurately microscopic details. “It’s highly dependent on the outfit, the accessories and the level of detail that the customer is comfortable with,” he said.
Small blemishes are unlikely to be captured. LiveSketch Figurines offers mark removal for self-conscious customers. Lim clarified, “If it’s a large patch of scar – of which upon request and depending on the complexity, our designer can remove certain marks.”


(1) Scale 1:14

Approximately 12cm for a person 1.70m
Usual price 299 SGD

(2) Scale 1:10

Approximately 17cm for a person 1.70m
Usual price 399 SGD

(3) Scale 1:8

Approximately 21cm for a person 1.70m
Usual price 499 SGD

Image Credit: LiveSketch Figurines Facebook Page

Can Babies Do A Live Sketch Figurine?

When I asked what was the most wacky pose ever done (I stumbled upon a miniature figurine in a tennis pose) in the studio, Lim responded, “You could pretty much do most poses as long as you can hold it for 3-4 minutes. However, outstretched arms above the head are not recommended as the final product could be thin on these areas and would be subject to breakages.”

Babies, however, are another story. LiveSketch Figurines is unable to scan babies who are awake and crying during session. For this, Lim recommended a sleeping baby in arms “to ensure all details are to be captured clearly for precision”. In a nutshell: if you’re planning to a photo shoot, it’s best to do it during your little one’s nap time.
Sending multiple photos of yourself instead of making a trip to the studio doesn’t work, too. Since it’s 3D printing, proportions play a critical role. A thorough 3D scanning will spark off sufficient scan data for the printing process.
Image Credit: LiveSketch Figurines Facebook Page
I find Live Sketch extremely fascinating. It’s so cool that we can be immortalised in doll form — and it’s not even a bobble head! If you feel like your mini-me could use a fashion makeover, be sure to check out the add-ons. The Singapore-based store offers accessories like hats, sunglasses and the iPad into the bargain. A glass display case is also available at only $89.
When I asked Lim where he sees LiveSketch Figurines in ten years time, he said, “We see Live Sketch as a company that helps people capture their memories through their life journey. In ten years, one could have graduated, gotten married, and have a child. And all these milestones can be captured in 3D, for them to hold and reminisce at how far they have come in life and also, to share their life stories with their children and future generations.”
You can find out more about LiveSketch Figurines here.

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Vulcan Post aims to be the knowledge hub of Singapore and Malaysia.

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