Natalie Hong  |  Singapore
Published 2014-04-08 11:30:48

In an effort to keep an eye out for gadgets that improve our health and living, a new one has just caught our attention: Lumo Lift, the second product of Palo Alto-based Lumo BodyTech, and was unveiled during the 2014 International Consumer Electronics Show.

Lumo Lift is like a very doting mother – it’s a small sensor that helps you adjust your posture by focusing on your shoulders, chest, and upper back. Unlike its predecessor, Lumo Back, the Lumo Lift is tiny, stylish, and comes in a myriad of colours even a rainbow would be jealous of.

lumo1Why should you care about sitting up properly? It’s just sitting, right? Wrong! Having good posture gives you big health perks, improves your appearance, boosts your confidence, and helps you be more active.


With the Lumo Lift’s magnetic clasp, you can hook this tiny device pretty much anywhere – under your shirt, on your shoulder, even onto a bra strap. Basically, all you have to do is hook it anywhere on your chest or shoulders. Don’t want to clip it under your clothes? No problem. Lumo Lift even has gemstone add-ons that you can use to turn this piece of wearable tech into something you’d actually want to wear.


As soon as you put the Lift into Power Up mode, the device tracks your sitting and standing posture, sending you gentle vibrations to remind you to bring your shoulders back or lift your head up. The Lumo Lift also continues to track your steps and calories like a normal fitness tracker would, sending push notifications to help users achieve their goals.


Lift has a battery life of five days and recharges in less than two hours. While it is still only iOS-friendly at the moment, the device will be Android compatible after its release.

Want to get a Lumo Lift for your favourite desk-worker? The posture tracker is set to ship in summer 2014, and is being crowdfunded by Lumo itself. The company is accepting a limited number of pre-orders, with each Lumo Lift being sold for USD$79 (SGD$ 100). Hurry, now – the price will be bumped up to USD$99 (SGD$125) after the pre-order period.

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